Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref blue auto glass retro. shirt

Right guys it’s now available to pre order from our 1888store only

Availible in sizes ranging from small boys right up to adult 4XL

Another iconic shirt from our history. And this one has a special place. As it was the last away shirt worn during our final season at fellows park 88/89

Another classic brought back to life by the independent saddlers supporters association , and a must for any shirt collection and it will look just as good today as it did. 30 odd years ago

As per usual every 25 Th order received will generate that order number a prize as chosen by Issa ( prize will be. Supplied at same time as shirt )

Fully endorsed by Walsall football club. Who will also benefit from every sale. Of this shirt as per our official licensing agreement

So to get your hands on what is a. Truly great shirt from our history head over to our online store using the link below


Available to pre order from our 1888 store,

What a great shirt that was. Cant it be our current away top!

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