A crumb of comfort

Monthe back on Tuesday

Local lad Leak making decent progress.

Goal scorer Rodney to come in before long.

Most important change: Kinsella as captain putting on a captain’s performance.

And as for Labadie… is he on a yellow card bonus or something? Shouldn’t be anywhere near the captain’s armband for the rest of the season.

Right now, finishing 3rd bottom is ‘giving it a good go’.

That’s it.


I think you might be on to something there.

He’s supposed to be someone to look up to as a captain, but he’s not. He’s just a thug with very limited ability.


And todays change of formation gives Taylor his easy option for a change on Tuesday with Monthe coming in for Leak.

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In defence of the club. 3 of the 4 marquee signings on big wages. Labadie, Wilkinson and Ward. You can all fcok off.

Monthe is the only one fit to wear the shirt

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Are we talking the same Monthe who has just served a 7 match ban for homophobic abuse?

Fans are that desperate, they would give Rolf Harris a start if he could score goals :joy:


At least we could guarantee a draw and a decent cup run (if played over 3 legs)…


There’s a player in Scotland that fits that bill about to be available…. :eyes:



Just bantz yeah?

It would be good if the players wore rainbow laces on their boots (including Monthe) on Tuesday.

Just a little positive collective gesture to show solidarity.

The alleged incident took place before Monthe joined Walsall but I am obviously not condoning any form of discrimination.

Hopefully, he will learn and come back stronger.

All any human can do is hold their hand up when deserving of criticism. I genuinely hope that Monthe has learnt from the experience because it has definitely had an adverse effect on results and general morale around the club.


Nope…didn’t say that.

Unproven is what I said…