A defence in crisis?

Defensive fragility, injuries, suspension, and a formation that is leaking goals. We talk about all that and more in our latest episode, as well as adding some insider information.

We also talk about the situation regarding Chris Hussey’s ‘retirement’, and what system we would play against Bradford.

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The defence is in crisis, I wouldn’t argue with that but at the moment it feels like the entire team is going through a crisis.
DJ is clearly not happy players picking up red cards a team that looks so disjointed and to really put my mind at rest a manager lacking in experience never mind this immediate problem.
What could possibly go wrong.

This reads to me like the intro to a 1980s American sitcom. Maybe use it to announce the teams before kick-off, complete with canned laughter for every incident. The defence already know how to stand still for when the credits are rolling.

Think we should call in a crack commando unit……



Lol I hadn’t thought of that but it was definitely me being tongue in cheek.

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That was eloquent but very painful to read :rofl: