A little perspective

Well I’ve got to say, I’m astonished by the reaction to the Sunderland game and some of the posts knocking around here. Particularly the bottle jobs topic.

Now I don’t mean to single him out, but there was a certain poster who before this run of games basically made out there was no point following the next run of fixtures because we were going to go out of the cup to Cov, lose to Fleetwood on telly, get battered by Sunderland and lose to Portsmouth.

So how have we done? Well we beat Cov to gain another tough draw. Took a very well deserved point off Fleetwood who boasted a bench with Ched Evans on it and we’ve taken a point off the “almighty Sunderland” to remain in the top half an four points off the play offs.

Have people forgotten where we have come from? Have they forgotten that Keates has had to raid non league bargain bins for this team to come together.

Yes, I’m dissapointed we let yesterday slip. Obviously. We should have seen it out. But again it’s zero praise for being in that position, maximum blame for losing it. The cups half empty, as usual.


For every negative this season there has been a positive. It’s been a good season given the circumstances and I don’t know how anyone can say otherwise.

Arrogance v Realism… think you will find most Walsall supporters are realistic about our situation.
We can’t do much about it with uncle Jeff and his money grabbing ways, and having to exist with a young inexperienced manager, a squad consisting of naïve kids/Prem & Champ 3rd team loanees/non league/journeymen/cast off’s, and also-rans.
We are not going to achieve many great victories, get very far in cup competiotions or get exited by great performances on the pitch along the way, whilst many of our hugely supported, overbloated competition spend, spend, spend, either money they haven’t got, or get money gifted to them in an effort to jog straight back up to the division from whence they came.
We have to do the best we can with what we have…hence the realism by the majority.
Most of us just support the lads as best we can, but we are realistic.

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Realism is one thing but we’ve actually been better than those realistic predictions. Both over the course of the season and the last few fixtures.

That’s what amazes me about the general outlook around this place at the moment.

Why is it realistic to expect us to lose / get hammered every week?

Whose expecting that?

A certain, nameless poster you referred to, maybe? :joy:


Suggest you read The Pompey thread, at least ONE person has suggested that we will win, wonder who that could be?

Ya cor fool me old git :rofl::rofl:

I like your pessimistic prediction earlier in that thread, are YOU ‘AM’ perhaps, and you have been secretly trying to evade the fact???
Like you I am really struggling to get to many games, it’s as frustrating as hell!

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