A Modest Proposal

With all of the uncertainty about what happens about promotion/relegation if the season doesn’t resume, why not just extrapolate teams current form for the remainder of the season. In a totally disinterested spirit, I have saved the EFL a lot of work and performed the following calculations:

  1. Take the points each team has gained from its last 5 games
    2 Divide by 5 to get the average
    3 Multiply the answer at step 2 by the number of remaining games
  2. Add to existing points tally to get a total for each team

This would give a final table as follows:


1 Cheltenham 90
2 Swindon 89
3 Plymouth 82.4
4 Crewe 81.4
5 Exeter 74
6 Port Vale 73.2
7 Walsall 69
8 Colchester 68.8
9 Northampton 68.8
10 Salford 66.2
11 Bradford 64.8
12 Crawley 62.4
13 Grimsby 57.8
14 FGR 57

The play-off positions could then be determined by giving the 4th promotion spot to the team with the highest average number of points from the last 5 games, as follows:

Crewe 1.6
Exeter 1.0
Port Vale 1.8
Walsall 2.2 (promoted)

I’ve done this just to be helpful to the EFL of course, and would expect no remuneration for my efforts :wink:


What a great idea…it is a sign there is no football. Great minds then play other games :grinning:

It also helps that I have got a cough (probably not COVID-19) but am self-isolating in any case. Amazing what some serious boredom can do.

Makes perfect sense to me.


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I can’t see anyone objecting to that.

A completely unbiased solution from someone in Huddersfield.

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The trouble is I posted it in “All about Walsall”. It could give the game away!

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A stupendous idea :wink:

A super idea.

With the bonus of Crewe and Fail staying down! :rofl:

Could Adeybayo finish up as the Leagues top scorer using your calculations?

Forget Adebayo, if the season is abandoned does this mean that the Gordon/Cook wager is null and void?

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Why not apply last 5 games average to the whole season giving us 101 points.Not done other teams but we would probably be champions.

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Not at all. We often allow ‘outsiders’ to post on these hallowed pages.

@cookyskid is clearly not a Walsall fan so his posts can be taken to be thoroughly objective.

How very dare you sir!


don’t forget that Adebayo will also score an extra 35 between now and the end of the season making my “top scorer” bet at 50/1 a winner too!

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