A response to the 2nd letter


A clever move by the club, however I have not yet responded to this.

A few questions to debate:

  1. Do I accept the offer and see what has to be said?

  2. Should I request that 1/2 others attend with me (if indeed the offer is accepted)

My initial thoughts are to do 1 based on having the acceptance of 2, with a view to seeing what’s what, and then mentioning WSFC and explaining what we want. This means we aren’t being awkward by rejecting the offer and they can’t claim we haven’t been receptive to them.


I’ll hold off replying for a few days until
I’ve had chance to really think about it, taking everyone’s opinions on board.

![image|360x500](upload://9OsxH Kgo11BHlNwY8G7hc0SzGE7.jpeg)



Personally I think that’s good. You should go in with a clear list of what you want (on our behalf): list of aims, what you would consider a good response (and not) etc. That will help you keep a clear head and make it productive. You might also ask, in advance, if you can film the exchange for the benefit of other fans…they should have nothing to hide after all.


I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect anyone to agree to meetings being filmed…

In any area of business this would be unwelcome and indicating an environment of a lack of trust (which I accept in our case is exactly what we feel) but I wouldn’t think it advisable to ask at this early stage of seeking to break down the initial barriers to communication etc

Just my opinion…


Accept for me. It’s the next logical step. They might even be hoping you refuse.


I agree they might be trying to call your bluff


I understand your viewpoint, I wouldn’t accept this at my workplace…but Walsall FC is a community club not a business (or, rather, not just a business), with nothing to hide and thousands of customers who want some answers. It could be a chance for them to break down barriers.

Anyway, that filming bit is less important than accepting and making the meeting productive in my opinion.


Agree with Coop…I do, however, think it is reasonable for you to take someone along to take notes of the meeting / support the points being made. Would also suggest that the factual notes of the meeting are agreed by the club as a true record before being published on here / elsewhere.

If Bonser is not there then it should be established what authority his representatives have to action anything raised. If Bonser is going to be there then I would suggest you take an extra bod, preferably a lawyer :wink:


Take the chunkster,he will deal with bonser I’m sure😂


Kieron’s mom might be a better option.


Meeting is a very good idea, because it should be much better, than usual fans meeting, when I read later, time was spent on issues, that are not priority in this case. Recording will be impossible, probably, but list of questions and list of answers after meeting, which can be published here, can happen. And lawyer nearby is a good option to have. It would help clarify how this meeting will go.


Yes, I agree, doubt they would agree to this, so lets keep to the ‘recording the meeting on paper route’.


That is a good move by the club and on face value a welcome step forward.

I do think you should attend the meeting and take one other with you to a) help record what is discussed and b) show that you are not a lone voice in this.


Pretty similar to how they ended the last protests - promised the world and delivered nothing. Ask them to work with you to put an action plan together so we have some measurable targets that they can be judged against. Don’t let them smarm you (I’m sure they won’t)


I dunno what to think lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

rare for me to be stumped for an opinion lol


Don’t meet. It’ll just be like a personal fans forum and they’ll do anything to stop protests. Waste of time. Focus on moving the protest forward.


The Corbyn approach :smile:


Really think this is the best option rather than throwing letters back and forwards at each other , and getting frustrated , at least you can put the questions forward we all want answers to , and get an instant response rather than getting interupted by the sort of unimportant questions being asked at the fans meeting .

This should be more personal and hopefully they will be more forthcoming with their answers, and if all questions can’t be answered by them at least you can request they get answered in the coming weeks by the Chairman


I disagree, they’ll then be able to teot out the line “we offered to meet for meaningful dialogue and this was rejected”. Go, but get them to put actions together to show how they are going to improve things. Then we have something to hold them accountable for. At the moment they have said things need to improve, therefore let’s see what they do to change. It doesn’t affect the protests, they can still happen, because ultimately, the aim is for a new owner.


It’s happened before and the club got their way. It’s absolutely pointless.