A response to the 2nd letter


Rob could still accept the meeting , and state if he’s not happy with the outcome the protests will happen


Go for it! One person with a clear list of aims and asking genuine questions and pushing for genuine answers is exactly what the fan focus should be. I think you lose nothing by doing this and judging by your efforts so far would represent the concerns of the rest of us very well.


Not if the protest goes forward if he’s not happy with the meeting , don’t think Rob will accept being Fobbed off


Coming away with an action plan means he won’t be fobbed off, if they refuse it’s more ammunition to the protest. They won’t be expecting you to go in looking to come out with something we can hold them accountable for. I think shows that there is a will to see change without the need for protests but we want to see something we can measure their progress on addressing the issues with.


May as well bend over so Walsall FC can rifle you. I’m not a fan of this at all, seems like most would meet though so go for it :man_shrugging:t2:


I understand why you feel this way, but I trust Rob to not be fooled by them. The last meeting the people were fobbed off, which is why I’m saying you need to come out of the meeting with something that we can hold them to account for. If they don’t provide this, then it is clear that they are not serious about change.


Totally agree with these comments . Do not go on your own and insist that the meeting is minuted


Speak to him in the same tone in which the previous letter was written. There was, after all, nothing wrong with it!


Going can give some positive changes, not all at once, but something that can be treated as good start. Not going could derail all protest.
But important thing. They have some legal support, that could probably convince anybody, that current owner is the best possible chairman in the entire universe. That’s why it’s good to be prepared before, and if possible, have good support.


I personally think they will talk you down ,fill your head with false promises to try and diffuse the issues raised,you put it all in a letter what’s left to talk about,A very shrewd move by the club indeed ,I don’t trust anything that comes from them ,They just string us along year by year.I think your doing a great job,good luck with what you decide.


I can understand why Scott is wary.

Last time we had built up a head of steam - we said all of this - let’s not be fobbed off etc etc. A load of waffle and a list of empty promises later and the momentum was completely gone. What was done as result of the meeting - absolutely ■■■■ all.

This is a deflection tactic - is it up to us, if Rob does go, to not let the same happen this time.


Bridges need to be built but we’ve fallen for the ‘let’s meet’ line before. The main point of anguish I’m getting from supporters posting on various media outlets is what the future has in store for our club, mainly off the pitch. Only one person can answer the questions. If that person a) isn’t going to there or b) not prepared to answer the questions/offer a time line for the future then I can’t see much point in a meeting.


You’ve summed it up perfectly


Meet and minute the meeting, preferably by having someone with you to take notes. Stick to what Gamble can affect, and have agreed outcomes with timelines.

This is only a part of why WSC was set up, so it’s important to see it as part of the whole, not the whole thing in and of itself.


For what its worth I think you should attend the meeting offered and take two people with you. One to take notes and one to help with responses.

To not accept the invitation is like dropping out of negotiations halfway through without seeing it through to the end. You do need suitable points ready as I mentioned on another thread and you need the right people with you.


The problem is nobody really knows what it is Gamble can affect? Its all speculation as to what his roles actually are or how much influence he has really got…


I nominate @simon to also attend the meeting. I have every faith that Rob and Simon will meet with SG and DM and won’t be ‘fobbed off’ but will instead engage in sensible dialogue, succinctly conveying the concerns of the fan base. This is an important first step - perhaps you could submit some questions to SG et al before the meeting so some concrete answers are forthcoming. All the best chaps.


I agree with that approach. It would be useful to ascertain early in the meeting how much scope SG has for making decisions on the key issues that need urgent responses such as prices/ticketing/marketing where some action is required within the next few weeks.


Yeah I think you should go definitely. Take Simon with you and just take time and prepare for the meeting . There is also a chance that the man himself bonser could turn up so be prepared for that as well. Maybe 2 sets of questions in case he does attend .WSC


I sat meet, but not at the stadium where he will be in control and his comfirt zone, has to be neutral territory.
Agree with the above, take 2 other people, one can take the minutes.

Then set out the protest strategy and why, then let him respond, we can then act accordingly