A response to the 2nd letter


Who is setting the timescales here? Who decides if the timeframes for action to take place, if given, are reasonable?

Gamble could say they will look at the ticket structure over next season; this means any action will be taken in 2020/21, by which time another season of fans have drifted away. That is unacceptable? These guys are the absolute top experts in doing nothing while giving full lip service to the fans - I can fully understand why so many people are wary.

I don’t have the answer either way, I just see where everyone that is saying ‘no’ to the meet are coming from.


So do I, I just disagree. It does no harm if we don’t take those promises as gospel.

Common sense. How long does it take to “look at ticket prices”? A day? A morning? If they haven’t changed by next season then we have every right to say “You told us you were looking at ticket prices, what the hell are you still looking at?”.


In my mind we’ve gotta go to the meeting. Anything else will give the club the perfect “Well we tried” get out.

Go, sit there and look at the white of their eyes. Make it clear it’s actions, not words, that will satisfy the fans.

If Bonser turns up offering another chapter of his fairy story tell him to do one.


I think ticket prices are a good point to start with. It needs to be made clear that the fans interest is to maximise ticket sales and support for the club which we do not feel that the management are on top of. Surely this should be welcomed by any club management.

In view of the coming announcement of tickets prices the deadline for answers should be agreed with a view to making at least some changes, at least for child prices, for the coming season. Thats not unreasonable.


At the fans meeting the other night Rob , Gamble said Bonser wasn’t actively looking for a buyer of the club , if that’s the case couldn’t this campaign include somewhere along the lines , as I’d suggested before , someone with the know how to put together a portfolio of the club and try and get potential buyers to approach the club ?


I fully agree and there appear to be many who share that goal as a planning aim.
In the meantime for the very short term let’s get the ticketing marketing and pricing amended for the benefit of everyone now. Important to be coming across as a marketing tool to attract additional fans and long term fans with flexible pricing for kids and students etc etc with a clear aim to maximise revenue for the club.


One thing I find frustrating with all of this, is people saying certain media outlets are not worth contacting. The E&S is in Bonsers pocket, WM is a waste of time etc etc. We need to get WSC everywhere and anywhere we can, surely?

To my mind we need to hit all available outlets - nothing official - just calls from fans etc. Sick of WM rolling out the well-run-club rhetoric (I heard it or similar at least 3 times against Plymouth); then is passed on to all listeners and they think everything is hunky dory at Walsall FC.

If this is going to get enough traction to really force anything, we need exposure on a massive scale. i’m sure Rob & Simon are talking about all of this, but surely we can do our bits as fans to get this out there…


I think a meeting gives Rob (accompanied by other representatives) the chance to make clear to the club that the issues raised in the initial letters are not just those of an individual, but representative of collective discontent amongst a significant number of supporters.

It can be explained to them that this discontent is so strongly felt that it has resulted in the formation of WSFC, accompanied with a full outline of our aims and some properly presented reading material that can be given to them.

Through this we’ll have made a formal and proper engagement with the club as a group, so they can’t pretend not to have noticed the thousands of comments on here and on social media, nor the launch of the website.

Even if we reject every future ‘sit down’ meeting offered, this gives us a legitimate platform to ask the club to begin open dialogue with supporters on all of these issues, an offer they will have to very publicly accept or decline.


Think is the only way to go about it. I also think that WSFC on all channels need to let everybody know that there will be a meeting but to also promise the fans that unlike past campaigns, it will continue until there is change and not just talk of it.

After last year’s campaign stopped, people will be sceptical to get behind WSFC knowing a meeting is lined up, that’s why I think it’s important to reassure fans - and let the board know - that it will continue until words are put into action. I think that is vital for WSFC growth.


We need a list of actions and get them to agree timelines…


Agree with this. Key point is that the campaign is sustained and long-term, this meeting just makes Walsall FC aware of what is happening and gives them the opportunity to be a positive participant.


I was thinking today about what i would want from the protests, and it’s not about toilets or ticket prices or any of that, it wouldn’t bother me if we built another emirates stadium, it still wouldn’t entice me back, i want HIM and his family gone, end of, unless he gave us the ground back.


After the first letter they made changes to the ticket page on the official page and it is much easier to read.

They could make it easier still though.

I’d suggest they look at prices overall ready for next season. However in the meantime they could do something very simple… get rid of category A/B games and get rid of advanced/on day prices.

There’s only 1 category A left and it’s a midweek night game against Portsmouth . Hardly going to get a bumper crowd is it? Bring it down to the prices of other games and they might attract more fans in.

And as for advanced / on day prices. Don’t really see why they stick a couple of quid on just because someone may pay on the day. You’re getting the same as those who paid in advance. It’s more likely putting off anyone who may think of coming last minute.

When they do eventually look at ticket prices I’d suggest they try to standardise them. 3 sides of the ground plus the lower Homeserve have pretty much the same view. There may be different facilities in the stands but I don’t see why people should be paying for those as they pay by buying food and drink when using them. Plus at the moment everyone can use the Stadium Suite pre game so why would they still be charging extra to those in the middle/upper for those facilities when other areas of the ground can access?


Private Eye does have football related stories in it from time to time. Whether they might be interested in doing something about the financial history and amount JB has taken in rent, I’m not sure. Something along the lines @geordiesaddler has written about on various threads .


Supply and demand mate. If you choose to ‘pay on the day’ you might not be able to get in when the stadium is full.


:joy: i understand your point but tell me when we’ve been remotely close to that happening anytime recently? You could have still walked up vs. Northampton, and Chelsea was all ticket anyway


Think that may have been in a tongue in cheek comment mate :joy:


That’s how I took it. Actually, given the usual standard of STK’s quips , it wasn’t too bad.


And the ticket cost for kids and students to age 21. The season ticket kids for free is great (if you happen to know about it) but is a plan in advance issue linked to an adult buying tickets as well. Needs stand alone match by match kids price of £5 or similar or one adult and child under 17 for £15.
My grandson of 18 at Uni has told SG more than once about student pricing and gets fobbed off.
Give season ticket holders on early bird free entry to first round of any cup comp to compensate for some of the benefits to others as above as crowd attendances need that boost anyway.


I hope so :joy: I was half asleep still when I replied and I fell back asleep straight after :joy: