A response to the 2nd letter


This is what happened to me; I have banged on about it enough across these threads but it was the original reason for the post below

It’s like they don’t have a clue what a football clubs attraction is to people, or how the whole experience works. There is an element of family, but it makes up about 20% of any clubs following at most! Thats why family enclosures are usually fairly small! Young groups of lads in a social group, some of which are created at the football, are what keeps football clubs alive - those people that don’t want to be sat with Dad!


They basically admitted at the fans meeting that they have little idea what works and what people want. There was more selling and marketing expertise on the floor of the meeting than with the speakers on the stage. Let’s ask them to prove on a spreadsheet that Cat A and Cat B pricing really works and makes a real difference.
It’s daft to set that at the start of the season anyway.
Most fans would rather see the ground full or nearly full anyway just for the atmosphere and the extra seats sold gives more revenue. They already control the away ticket allocation!
If we had games where we had sell-outs on a regular basis it would encourage people to think they were perhaps missing something!
Just imagine if this lot were in charge of seat pricing at Ryanair.


I will reply tomorrow.

I’ll be asking for the opportunity to bring 1/2 people with me to assist and take minutes.

I will also ask for some additional time to ensure I can get time off work to attend, or find a time that suits everyone outside of this.

I will ask that there is a pre-arranged agenda, that is agreed by both parties up front.

Then we can take it from there. I’m sure the club are aware of WSFC, but I will introduce it at the meeting if this is arranged.


Nice one, Rob.


Rob, slightly off topic but what is happening with the supporters club? From liquidation to needing a £500k refit is big…


I’ll ask for you.


I think Gamble said at the meeting it was waiting for the legal stuff to be finalised changing it over to become part of the clubs ownership under Bonsers control and then they would make decisions where they went with it.
Regarding asking questions Gamble was asked about safe standing at the same meeting , and said he / they would consider it if it’s what the fans wanted .
I brought this up on a thread before on here , and many people agreed it would be a major plus for getting a better match day atmosphere .
I think if the lower stand was to be made standing it would encourage the separated singing groups to join together behind the goals like the good old days.


I think let’s not overdo the agenda for the first meeting. There are many issues that fans have - I think it would be more effective to begin dialogue and see where it takes us.

Then if over time we are seeing positive change, we should continue to making them aware of any changes that are required.



This is worth a read…


Notts County owner Alan Hardy has put the struggling League Two club up for sale after two years in charge.

The decision was announced by the club just hours after Hardy following the accidental publication of an “inappropriate photo”.

Anyone got any



Just to keep everyone in the loop, I’ve now finally responded to the club. @simon should be able to publish what I’ve sent shortly.


Good old Excuse & Dingle.
Let’s publish a non-story about standing to deflect attention away from what’s about to happen.


I think you’re doing them a disservice there. They have to fill their pages somehow and at the moment the only story on this subject is ‘people on an internet message board are upset’. I certainly don’t think they organise stories to strategically detract from other stories they dont like - I don’t think they’re that organised for one thing.

If / when the protests start, we can assess their coverage then. I seem to recall they mentioned the Unity movement a few times so I don’t see why they would shy from this (though I can guarentee the coverage won’t be to the level people want).


I am indeed being facetious here, you are right.
They can’t publish a story about something that hasn’t really happened yet.


What about this group - http://www.fsf.org.uk/about-us/

Mission statement:
The Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct - together the Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation - is an inclusive, independent, democratic organisation working with supporters, governing bodies, leagues and clubs to drive positive change in football through supporter engagement at every level of the game. We nurture and develop supporter networks at local, national and international levels, working with supporters’ trusts, clubs and individuals to initiate and support campaigns on issues of concern to football supporters, encouraging good governance, supporter representation on club boards, community-ownership and sustainable stewardship of football clubs. A commitment to diversity underpins all of our activity and we oppose all forms of discrimination or violence in relation to football.


Interestingly I heard the Luton chairman on talksport today.

He was brilliant, open, working hard for the club to succeed and fully communicating with their fans - he talks about planning permission for their new stadium and even a commercial out of town development to help fund the build of said stadium - to make it the best they can - how brilliant compared to the self serving shisters we have at the helm benefiting themselves


Talking of chairman, it appears Smurthwaite at Port Vale isn’t well liked by their fans either


Your right he’s very bonseresq


Great start to the game today - big screen in the Stadium Suite not working and no guest ales on at all.
If you’re a football fan you can like it or lump it. I think we all know these ■■■■ customer service would be sorted immediately if it was The Venue! :roll_eyes: