A response to the 2nd letter



There’s a few hundred of us that feel change is needed and the campaign has set about a plan for improving communication with our useless CEO et al…

The key thing now is how do we start to take some sort of action to effect change?

A few hundred from a base of probably 2000/2500 of what might be classified as die hard fans isn’t likely to put the frighteners on the board and owner (this is our biggest challenge I think…)

A few hundred is quite honestly highly unlikely to achieve much (notwithstanding of course the excellent efforts of Rob and Simon and their significant initial development of the movement etc) and we need to start thinking about how we generate more support and influence from the fan base

Just to put it out there


WM still using ‘well run club’ and ‘on tight budget’ today. When are we going to challenge all this dirge -its been going on for too long. I believe we have to start on all fronts - and soon.

None of us are being heard at the moment by anybody other than those who use this site. Its not enough.


Yeah and more than likely, many more fans listen to WM than contribute to this site - hence my previous post about how do we mobilise more support to get change on the overall agenda

If Rob/Simon could get a slot on WM to put forward the fans view on the campaign it might help…


It’s all lined up ready to get more exposure and notice of what we are doing. Just waiting on Gamble to respond about the meeting.

I will introduce WSFC to them, and the plan is to get some leaflets out and about, about what we are doing and why etc. Then we can really get going.


I can contact them and ask!


No way was there over 4K there today, I reckon 7800 empty seats today - a club transformed!!!


How have we done in previous games attendance wise when these kind of offers are involved?


I’m sure someone will have figures but I don’t think there’s been loads improvement in them. It will be interesting to see what the take up is for the £5 tickets for the Bradford game.


I don’t there is much doubt that this particular tired offer works just about as well as their other ticket offers! :joy: Tired, lack of imagination & very little idea of the actual results.

Having said that, it would help if the offer was marketed properly; actually releasing it prior to 24 hours before kick off would be a start :clown_face: :rofl:


When Barnsley called us a strange club, seems like they were right. Maybe we should apologise to them :joy:


On the contrary i think we are completely transparent, we are set up to provide one man and his followers/family with a fantastic salary for years to come with a complete lack of care for the people that subscribe to it :wink:


Now you come to mention it, I see where you’re coming from :joy:


the facilities where once again awful today.no hot water disgusting toilets for the ladies and lights failing in the new fanzone.utter shambles.


Anybody would think we deserved better. :joy:


I know the frost covers are important to getting games on but I have an issue with the positioning of them during the game on the family stand side. I know why they wasn’t put on the pitch side, as this would’ve obscured the advertising hoardings visable to TV cameras, but surely it was an health and safety issue to have them where they were, particularly as this is used by children and wheelchair users.
I know this is a minor issue, the club may say petty, on the grander scheme of things but it’s another sign of contempt for me.


Those pre game checks going well then?


It was the same behind the goal at the end closest to the community stand. I thought exactly the same and was surprised nobody tripped over them.

The burning bins ■■■■■■ me off. Still hot and smoking and left outside the community stand unattended as fans were walking to the turnstiles.


Accidents waiting to happen. Sorry to say it but its lazy from whoever left them, the covers and bins, where they did.


For a club that so prides itself on looking after the pennies it’s lazy, box-ticking, ‘that’ll do’ actions like this that will cost a lot more than money in the long run.


Trouble is WM don’t bother to do investigative journalist on football matters anymore.

They’d rather have Franksy stirring up and getting racist callers (that awful WBA fan Eddie for one) five nights a week rather than actually tap into what makes football clubs work or not in this region. With WBA, Blues and Villa there’s no lack of material for football clubs underachieving on this patch through poor ownership decisions and Wolves were part of that in the Steve Morgan days.

There however isn’t a desire for them to do any of that. Does Adrian Goldberg still do a show on WM? He may be worth contacting as he used to or still does 5 live investigates so he might be a better contact but I honestly wouldn’t bother with them.

Football phone in 5 nights a week for such an underachieving football region is pretty bonkers I think.