A response to the 2nd letter


Forget WM and all other local media, they’re not interested because Jeff would have an eppy and not let them in to the next game.

If you want to do something to make a diff - have you contacted the Health and Safety Executive about the toilets? Or anyone that grants the club a licence to let people in? That would sharpen a few minds down at Bescot


It’s a start a good idea but that’s hardly going to get the interest we need from the outside.( Walsall have ■■■■ toilets ).


Just an idea what about a big show of our dismay with bonser in the town centre . That would also get the people of the town onside who maybe don’t attend games anymore for one reason or another but still have the clubs best interest at heart.


Another mention on the D3D4 podcast. Nice to see they have caught on to the Bonser unrest.

Time is 31:05 if the link above doesn’t work correctly.


“not bad business in January, but I wouldn’t say it was necessarily massive or season changing”

Yet some people on here seem to think Keates has been backed?! I don’t see it, either.

Great mention again, love these guys for this…


Good piece from the guys there…

They mention the dire form (obviously) and its hard to argue against the fact that we are in an undeniable relegation scrap but basically, against a Rochdale side that they state “have been shipping goals recently” Saturday really was a must-win and again demonstrates the momentous free-fall we are currently in

1 win in 9 or 2 wins in 15 - either stat is shockingly bad for a team that started the season so well :roll_eyes:


The burning bins as Bonser’s austerity feature of 1950’s style of over pitch Heating is a complete potted picture of how he operates the club. On that basis the fans should demand to pay 1950’s ticket prices to match.
The fact that Betfred thought it wierd enough to tweet the picture of burning bins as a frost measure around is frankly embarrassing to us all.
I have already had friends retweet the pictures to me as a wind-up. Thank you Bonser!
If I was clever enough I would take that picture and alter it to include Bonser standing by the bins feeding the fire with £20 notes (or season ticket books) with a smile on his face and cigar in mouth. Next to him would be a huge sack of money with the sack marked as £400K p.a. Rent money and a caption from his mouth saying “Off to Cyprus tomorrow “ or something. Perhaps have a caption competition?
That amended photo would look good as the visual intro for Walsall Supporters for Change activities.


Well said


Leaked Image prior to kick off


Very clever.

I’m now got the KLF on my mind. Albeit that was a Scottish island.




Yes that’s just the sort of thing I had in mind thanks.
Even got him smiling which must have taken some research!
Over to you Rob.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Brilliant


Top job :money_mouth_face:


I noticed it was dollars that he was burning he certainly wouldn’t use his own :rofl:


The worst thing is, the braziers were still more mobile than our back 4 a few hours later.


Have to agree about the burning bins being a total embarrassment something I’ve always felt. Typical Bonser old school mentality he probably still roasts his spuds on his log Fire.


Good god no? his butler does :smile:


Didn’t realise that Martin had fell on hard times, such a shame😔


Still waiting on a reply from the club, so whilst we await, why not buy some of the popular products in the club shop…