A response to the 2nd letter


:rofl: been after a baby kit for 2 months none in stock now im told they only stock them at the start of the season once they run out thats it? seems a daft policy to me yet they can sell tat like this?


just checked no adult shirts in stock either still apart from xxxl.ridiculous way to run an online store.


We are painting the corrugated metal sheet cladding on the outside of Bescot is a slightly brighter shade of grey… What more do you want?


Got a dream boy
Got a song
We’ll Paint the cladding so come along


Obviously you should have planned properly for this - conception should have been Oct/Nov to fit in with the club’s policy. Something to remember next time!




Loving the Luton Bournemouth Rotherham section as at least I know it contains threads I should ignore.


You’ve gone to the trouble of posting on a thread you claim to be ignoring. I see. :confused:


The fact you’ve named yourself as one of the worst set pieces ever says a lot.


Alright Stefan ■■■■ off


Thinking back now to a strange moment in the Portsmouth away game. Kinsella lines up about our 4th corner, we had wasted the previous set with useless short corners. Our away following (including me) cause a rabble telling him to put a proper corner in, Kins looked over to us and decided to cross it straight over. In hindsight that is a bit odd, Keates had obviously been drilling them on the short corners (right or wrong) but Kins dropped it at the suggestion of the fans.

(Thanks Welsh :slight_smile: )


No they can’t :rofl:


But we’ll be denied your intelligent, well thought out, reasoned responses to these issues!

Oh well, we’ll have to soldier on without you.


Hahaha I smell a rat here. This is either a well known poster making a return or its JB himself :clap::clap:


Sound out?:see_no_evil:


Must be bored watching the Villa.


I do rate these guys as they have good knowledge of the football league. This week the 3 hosts were asked who would be relegated from league 1…