A year ago today

Dean Keates was sacked as Walsall manager. Time flies.

Still a sad moment for me, I love the bloke.


So wanted him to do well but I think league 1 management is a step to far for deano . Will always be fondly remembered for his playing career with us .

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It was two months too late. The performance against Oxford was woeful - we were outplayed by 10 men in the second-half. I’m still trying to get Devlin’s air shot for their winning goal out of my mind!


The Devlin air kick ugh.

That game is up there with the best in terms of calamitous performances

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Neither he nor Whitney blemished their legacy through their tenure as manager.

They both wanted it and both love our club. They just weren’t very good at being manager of it. It says more about the selection process and those running it than it does about the two individuals concerned.


Still think if he had surrounded himself with better backroom staff he may still have had a job here

It was done in such a disrespectful way, proper summed up the season and the lack of any sort of leadership from anywhere in the club. Thankfully all looks to be behind us!