Who deserves more:…

  • Captain Cook
  • Peter Cook
  • Andy Cook
  • Thomas Cook

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You for such a pointless thread.


No Swedish Cook option?


Just been reading some of Captain Cook’s memoirs regarding early adventures to New Zealand, which almost comedically ends up with him ‘shooting natives’.

Either on beaches, across small streams, in canoes and almost everywhere else. On one occasion he shoots up a canoe, killing more natives and then kidnaps 2 survivors who “were treated with all kindness”.

Having shot up one community , he’s then keen to sail around a headland to try again with others and ends up killing a load more.

Bloke’s an arse.


Bit of an embarrassment. He’d have been worse if he hadn’t had Tupaia on board who could at least communicate.

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Capt Cook had a better October than us


Yes but I bet he managed to get himself fit and ship shape for his voyage and didn’t have a massive belly resting on the helm.


Peter Cook definitely could give it and take it, as evidenced above (Warning - adult content)





The Matchday Cook.

Have we still not got chips?


We in the middle and upper do, and they are lovely.

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Are they really fat chips?

Think all of this talk about Abuse is silly, and Pomlett should stop pushing the narrative.

Firstly because it breeds and then and us attitude within the squad. The club is already on its knees without creating a gulf between players and fans that isn’t there. For the chairman to chastise the fans for “abuse” is ridiculous, it gives the players an immediate excuse card for not doing their jobs.

Secondly, what the club label as abuse is not really abuse. Football has been a frank exchange of views for over a century, it’s part and parcel of the game. Granted, the facelessness of social media now has turned it in to a bit of a “who can say the worst thing” competition, but that doesn’t make it anything more than a spotty teenager in a stone island jacket spouting off from a smart phone.


The only thing I can give Darrell Clarke credit for is his thick skin because my god has he got some… sticking around after all this pressure poor results and poor playing performances and talking about sticking around to sort it out in 2/3 transfer windows you’ve gotta give him that surely…

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Every single person at the club deserve abuse. ■■■■ them.

No don’t do that cuz it will hurt their ickle feelings and then them being ■■■■ at football will somehow be our nasty fault as it was last season.


Lets not beat about the bush, our club is ■■■■■■ it doesn’t matter that LP has bought it(supposedly?) we have been left in negative equity, and if we can stay in the football league for the next couple of seasons we will have been very lucky

Med me loff when I read that DC was giving some fans a bit back yesterday :rofl:

Was it asps who started everyone shouting “abuse! abuse!” In the stands a few years back when Whalley was moaning about it?