Accrington Stanley (H) 29 Sep, 3pm


Can’t see how you couldn’t understand how some might be frustrated. I’m not at all because I’ve enjoyed the away games and am delighted by our current position.

But some people will have spent over £100 on our last four home matches. That’s a bloody fortune for a lot of people. And I’m not sure they have had value for that money. As such they’ve got a right to ask a few questions.

Can’t see anyone demanding Keates goes or anything like that. Just a bit of consternation with our recent home form.


Exactly , when the club is charging adults £23 to get in the upper tier it’s easy to understand why fans may be a tad frustrated.

For me we are over performing so I won’t be going over board . BUT If we were to be brutally honest our last few home games have been crap!


I don’t think we’re anywhere near having something to panic about,but it’s certainly true that fans put a lot more weight on home form than they do away. It’s the reason Merson got away with it for so long.And it’s not just football. Cricket fans don’t seem to care how awful England are away as long as they keep rolling over teams at home.


Brilliant! :laughing: Best memory of a disappointing match. As long as the ball boy isn’t hurt, of course. If he is then…dreadful…shocking…appalling…what were they thinking…

There was a match a few years ago when Clayton MacDonald and another player (Ollie Lancashire?) took each other out on the half-way line. I think one of them had to go off.


Find it hard to imagine why a couple of posters around the 90’s mark should wade in with comments like ‘over reactions’ and ‘plot lost’?
As someone not there yesterday I found 99% of the posts regarding the match to be informative, fair and measured, praising some players whilst being genuinely concerned by some aspects of our game. Congratulations and well done to you all, a great help to those not able to make the match.


I agree they have a right to ask questions…as you will have seen I have some myself about how we set about opening up defences when our pace is nullified but that is lot different from some of the comments I have read about our team. Our home form is a concern but in my view it can be sorted. Perhaps this is the first real test for Deano…UTS


It was disappointing yesterday, but on the other hand we are 7th, and we gave it a go and worked hard.

We are a work in progress. We were in a shocking mess a few months ago, and Deano has improved things. He wasn’t given a mossive budget, he’s signed an old man, some non-leaguers, and some young 'uns with potential, and he’s made do and mended with some who were already here.

We aren’t the finished article, there is work to be done yet. I think we’re getting there. Setbacks will happen.


As Leahy’s biggest critic last season, I’m struggling to see why “the fullbacks” are coming in for a bit of stick on the basis of this game.

Granted, there were a couple of moments (one weak headed clearance in particular nearly cost us) where Devlin didn’t cover himself in glory, but I thought Leahy put a solid foot in wherever he had to, played the majority of his passes to feet across the deck (as opposed to the constant, aimless hoofs into the channels of last season), & generally held his position well when Accrington had the ball, recovering quickly wherever we lost possession, & was never caught too narrow. Well worth his MOTM award, IMO. It may just be the good understanding he & Ginnelly are developing that is keeping the latter in ahead of Morris at present.


Pretty much the same as it’s ever been. Even in 15/16 there were results such as 1-1 v Oldham, 0-1 v Bury and 1-2 v Chesterfield. Then generally dreadful home form under S O’D.

That year as it is now away form was much superior to home turf.

Only manager in recent times who’s had a spell of invincible home form at this level is one J. Whitney with his six straight wins between January 2017- March 2017.

I think it’s difficult to build a formidable home base on gates of 4k in a 11k ground. Away teams are hardly going to look around at the thousands of empty seats and think this will be an intimidating atmosphere, little bit different to going to Stadium of Light with 30k screaming at you.

I’d like to see Ronan get a start on Tuesday as certainly more creativity is required at home. If Keates is worried about losing the midfield, take one of the wide players out and give Zeli a free role off the front two.


And the over reactions get worse. Grow the ■■■■ up. We’re over achieving and our start has been nothing short of brilliant.


Samsara. Can you define what you mean by “over reaction.?” I’m not sure who’s included in this statement. I ,personally,don’t think we’ll be promoted this season but I still think it will be a good one compared to the utter depression I felt when I walked out of Shrewsbury’s ground this last March.


You been reading Walsall Fans Spit Your Dummy? :joy:


I mean calling for Keates head. Suddenly turning on the full backs who have actually had a good season. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Facebook is the main culprit. Honestly walsall fans have your say needs a cull


How did you know?! :joy::joy::joy:


Has there actually been people calling for his head or just rumours?

I’ve seen loads of posts of people complaining about these posts, but none of the posts themselves.


Ive seen two on Facebook and saw people agreeing in the comments. Il get a link


Well that’s ironic…talking about over reacting…and then…well…over reacting…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh shut mr I won’t vote for an Asian


How on Earth am I over reacting? We’ve had a brilliant season so far. That’s a fact. To call for Keates head and slate individuals who on the whole have done well is ridiculous.


I see. If some people are call for his head,that’s worse than over reacting. It’s delusional.