Across the Irish Sea

We are being mentioned.

Nice little article mainly about Dean Smith and his rise from being Walsall’s youth coach to Villa’s manager , but a nice little piece on us and Graydon.


I loved Graydon and his principles. My dad brought me up to be respectful and I saw the same level of dignity in Dean Smith. Graydon won’t be remembered by everyone in the football world but I will never forget the good times that he brought to my local club.

I’d love to be rich and successful but without having respect for where you came from, there doesn’t seem much point in anything to me. This is why I despise arrogance over any other human characteristic.

Humility is key to being liked and listened to in my view. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Dean Smith managing England one day. And I also think that he has shown Grealish the way in the same way that he helped Jamie Paterson all those years ago.

A great read.


Good post…I agree with you entirely. Smith’s strength is in his ability to handle players sympathetically and make them feel wanted and good about themselves.


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