Adam Chambers

Am I the only one who thinks the club treated Adam Chambers badly. Left without any grand farewell despite serving the club so well. Not saying he should have been given a job but an official thank you and a half time presentation and wave would be nice.


I wish he was still at the club.
An absolute model pro who could and would develop the younger talent, he would still be our best midfielder too. Guthrie is an embarrassment to professional football compared to AC


He was contacted but apparently he chose to not contact Clarke.

It was said earlier in the season. If you believe clarke of course

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As I said elsewhere last 18 months have shown what a tremendous player he was for the club for nearly a decade.

Slowed down near the end but could still read the game miles better than anyone currently on the books.

Like Sawyers got stick on here from time to time but I think that’s more to British mentality of demanding every central midfield has to be a box to box dynamo like Gazza or Gerrard. Sitting in and reading the game never did Xavi, Scholes or Pirlo any harm.

Anyway to be fair to the club I don’t recall Chambers actually announcing his retirement even though he’s been out for ages, indeed I heard him on the radio a few months back saying he was going to see another specialist.

Didn’t DC say in pre season he would have a conversation about his future plans. To me he’s someone you need to get back involved in the club with a coaching role if that’s the path he wants to go down after retirement.

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Don’t think we can afford to waste money on bringing someone back for sentimental reasons at the moment.

I’m not suggesting bringing him back but the club should acknowledge his contribution in some way.