WFHYS are showing an article allegedly from the Newcastle Chronicle saying" Newcastle scouts keeping a keen eye " on Adebayo.
Think this has been reported before though.

Great move for him if he can get it, 5 months experiance in the PL and back in the Championship where he could score a hatful for them


Even if it did happen I can see him being sold for less with Luton negotiating a big sell on.
And we’ll probably have a measly 5% sell on from the lower fee. :crazy_face:

The chairman has already stated it would take a massive offer for them to accept

Walsall use a similar line to clubs looking to sign our players. We just omit the word “massive” from our statements.



Saudis ain’t shirt of a Bob or two though are they ? AND they’re desperate . Could be “ ker- ching “ time

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And thats he reason why every transfer Newcastle make they have to pay a massive ‘tax’

I bet Luton won’t sell him for pennies :roll_eyes:

We’d sign a plumber and a left back that is all

About time there was a plumber around the place


Not scored this season.

Pombear put the jinx on him with his “biggest transfer in Walsall History” (or words to that effect) wish he would just shut up sometimes


A little unfair. He’s allowed an opinion on this. Like all of us, he’s a fan. Think most were hoping we were going to find ourselves earning a few quid from him getting a transfer.

Dan has spoken. The contradictory opinion is allowed in this instance.

It’s not disrespectful, how’s the head?

I was hoping that he would kick on again this season. Not just for the potential windfall, but also because I want to see a young ex player do well, as with Rico.


He’ll be fine. Showed enough in last 18 months at Luton that he’ll get his top flight move eventually.

Someone like Southampton usually take a punt on lower league strikers, signed Adam Armstrong from Blackburn and Che Adams in recent times for 15m +.

And Brentford could well have him as a replacement when they cash in on Toney for 50-60m.

Could be another Michael Ricketts. One good season at Bolton then utter dog shit. Hope not

That’d be a turd up for the books

Is this another thread going down the pan?