WFHYS are showing an article allegedly from the Newcastle Chronicle saying" Newcastle scouts keeping a keen eye " on Adebayo.
Think this has been reported before though.

Great move for him if he can get it, 5 months experiance in the PL and back in the Championship where he could score a hatful for them


Even if it did happen I can see him being sold for less with Luton negotiating a big sell on.
And we’ll probably have a measly 5% sell on from the lower fee. :crazy_face:

The chairman has already stated it would take a massive offer for them to accept

Walsall use a similar line to clubs looking to sign our players. We just omit the word “massive” from our statements.



Saudis ain’t shirt of a Bob or two though are they ? AND they’re desperate . Could be “ ker- ching “ time

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And thats he reason why every transfer Newcastle make they have to pay a massive ‘tax’

I bet Luton won’t sell him for pennies :roll_eyes:

We’d sign a plumber and a left back that is all

About time there was a plumber around the place