Admission Prices 2019/20

Are they taking the fucking mick? 22 quid for Division 4 football?

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Our attendances don’t fluctuate enough to warrant any pricing adjustment.

Trying to make having a ST more viable option.

People say “22 quid for League 2 football? I can watch Villa for cheaper!”

But if you’re a Walsall fan, you’re going to pay that to watch Walsall because we ain’t interested in going to watch another club every week and these prices are the exact same, if not more for every single club under the Championship.

New 18-21 tickets, great.
Cheap family ticket, great.
Price reductions, great.

Not sure anyone can moan at anything regarding this.


Yeah, they are just ■■■■ all year now because we don’t create any new fans. And who could blame any young fan wanting to got and watch the Wolves or Villa in the prem for a quid or so more.

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But when we were successful 2015/16 we didn’t see an increase in ST sales?

The only way they can lower prices is if it’s subsidised by the chairman, which will never happen.

Sucessful? Define successful? not going up? The prices were borderline ridiculous then.

Wait ‘til funky sees this :joy:

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£24 at Northampton for our first away game.
And someone has trousered £10 million there (police investigating) and they still have managed over 5000+ season ticket holders


Are the Northampton tickets on sale yet? Can’t see anything on official site.

£23 in the main stand with no concessions except in 2 blocks of 9.

To watch us play Forest Green!


They simply had to get rid of category A and B simply due to opposition at this level.

Disappointed the two quid increase on matchday has remained in play.

Damage has already been done with regarding expanding the fanbase so it remains all about fleecing the loyal fan.

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Love the new simplified structure. Think us lot struck a chord earlier this season when highlighting the ridiculous amount of variables, category a and b rubbish.

I think it is toppy for fourth division football but I think once we set the prices for Early Birds we snooker ourselves in terms of pricing structure.

I’m interested in why people are diving straight for the “£22 for fourth division football” as though sitting downstairs in the Homeserve Stand just isn’t an option.


At those prices, and with ifollow covering the midweek games, I can see a couple of league attendances starting with a 2


You’re right. But I’m not sure at what prices that wouldn’t have been the case. Knock a fiver off and I’m not sure it would sway more than a hundred.

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Yeah but people want decent toilets…oh hang on.:joy:

Admission prices across League 2 are no different.

A lot of faux outrage about this on here and social media.

People are purposely picking for the highest price to throw at the club. Sit in the lower and pay £18. That’s reasonable.

As @P.T rightly says, once early bird season ticket prices are set you do absolutely snooker yourselves.

I’m a season ticket holder and I purchased the early bird knowing I’d be getting it at a a discounted rate. There are only so much the club can do in terms of lowering next seasons tickets before it devalues the early bird season ticket and maybe in future harms those early bird sales, something which are so important to setting budgets for next season.


Dan raises an important point regarding value for STH’s, club have to be watchful of dropping matchday prices too low for that reason. Only real issue for me is the £2 pay-on-the-gate premium, I know a lot of clubs do it but it probably doesn’t help attract ‘passing trade’, especially given the location of the ground.


The thing that irks me about the matchday increase is that the queues at the ticket office are used as a reason why its beneficial for all concerned get one in advance, which when you think about it is about as ridiculous as saying “if you’re coming to Bescot, make sure you have a dump before you get here because the toilets are blocked and we generally hav’nt got any bog-roll”.

Just open some old-fashioned cash turnstiles with the modern twist of a contact-less facility. How hard can that be in this day and age?


5000+ season tickets? Really? Not sure that figure is correct. They only average 5,000 at most. Where, or why, are they finding those from?