AFC Wimbledon (H) Tue 12th Feb, 7.45pm


Have to feel the Kinsella situation is clouding opinion on team selection.


Indeed and that of Fitzwater and Johnson, given that we keep re-signing the former, and there is consensus that the latter has played well on the limited chances that the has been given.


Kinsella fair enough. I don’t get that one and certainly not the exile from the team sheet all together.

But regarding the centre halves, there’s some “hindsight is a wonderful thing” going on here. Scarr played because he’s a new signing for a defence that has failed with both Johnson and Fitzwater in it throughout the season. If he hadn’t people would be moaning that he’s not playing the new signings.

Granted now I’ve seen his performance in the Blackpool game I’d be disappointed if he’s selected for this game but I don’t think there was too much to criticise about that selection on Saturday.


Fair comment. He clearly doesn’t see Johnson as the answer, otherwise why re-sign Fitzwater and also bring in Scarr. Surprised that Guthrie has started the last couple of games given the options available though. Getting his act together for me means that he has to decide on a core starting line up for the rest of the season and more or less stick with it barring injuries/suspensions. Making 3-4 changes each game suggests that he doesn’t have a plan.


Agree. Plus Keates would be getting pelters for favouring loanees ahead of players we’ve signed on long-term contracts.


Kinsella in. Bite the bullet and no matter what your personal/background thoughts are and play him! We need his energy in that midfield! Dobson off injured Saturday, so guessing he may not be fit.

Don’t play Devlin at RM!

Most of all this team has GOT to close down, stop crosses and get in their faces.Stand off and we lose, yes it’s as simple as that!!!


Loanees or not - Play the team that will get up to 50 points.


He’s got to drop Guthrie, Scarr and Devlin.


Norman FItzwater Johnson Laird

Edwards Kinsella Osbourne Jarvis

Oteh Cook

One thing I do worry about playing Kins and Edwards together is a distinct lack of height in the midfield. I am worried also playing Osbourne but you need a bit of physicality in a scrap.


Well this is the issue isn’t it.
The only other thing to do is play 451 up to Cook, but such a midfield would not be able to provide the necessary support.


Not a bad shout, but Osbourne in preference to Dobson?


Whoever plays central midfield we have to stop being so submissive. Can’t bare watching another game where we back off, invite pressure and continually lose out on the second ball.

The key to the good early season form was that we had an intensity in the middle that helped us turn the ball over, protect the back four and set up counter attacks. Need a return to that gritty, combative style before it’s too late - which makes it even more ridiculous that Kinsella isn’t being selected.


Dobson pulled a hammy on Saturday so not worth risking. If Kinsella is not in the squad Joseph Masi needs to ask the question. It stinks of Paul Ritchie-gate to me and we all know how well that season turned out…


Tomorrow is huge. No space for players feeling sorry for themselves or players who are too scared to do anything in case they make a mistake. We need players out tomorrow who want to change things, who will want to be positive and go at them. Regardless of our form, at the end of the day we are at home, they are bottom of the league so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be positive and in their faces from the first whistle.

But Keates will need to make a fair few changes for that to happen, lets see what he is made of. Do it Deano, your job might just depend on it.


Got hold of some of Belphegor’s happy pills so I’m going for a Deano job saving 2-1 win! (As long as he doesn’t play Osbourne again!) Mind you, it will be squeaky bum time shortly after the regulation goal against within the first 10 minutes.
Hoping that they have an eye on this weekends F.A. Cup tie knowing that they are almost certainly red hot favourites for the first drop spot, and play to their usual standard rather than the Hammers type performance!
Lose this one and we are doomed, this was a 3 pointer in my 47 point overall tally, so a defeat would leave us on 44! And of course Deano will be out on his ear probably later in the night.


I would go for that team tbh apart from Dobson but assuming he is injured. If you’re going for a defensive option on one of the flanks, Edwards makes far more sense as he is actually a genuine goal threat as he showed in his first season when he played more often wide than centrally.

Fitz-Johnson is worth a shot as CB combo considering all the other combinations aren’t great at all.


I’m going tomorrow but cant ever remember being less enthusiastic about a game.


6-1 to the Saddlers. Cook to score.


Sorry but my season ticket will be again staying at home with me. Just can’t face it anymore. Oh for the days of Alan Buckley and co when I used to arrive at the ground about 1pm waiting eagerly for the enclosure to open and the match to start!


I can understand that but at same time this is sort of game that sets tone for rest of the season.

Win it and it gives breathing space from bottom 4, boost to confidence to team to hopefully get over 40 points quickly and generally life feels a little better.

Draw is pretty useless.

Losing is unthinkable, as much for DK as anyone else.


7-0. Kents to hire an open top bus to tour the town after.