Ageing fanbase

Went to the fans focus meeting the other night and did not see to many people without grey hair!!! ( or none at all :joy:)out of interest on this site how many are let’s say under 35 ??? . As they would have only ever known bonser as chairman!!!. Could all just disclose there age as this could be a good talking point at the meeting with Stefan.( if it goes ahead). 41 me.born 77.

33, born 85. Feel like you might get a bias in these results on UTS though, compared to social media sites. To be honest, it’s something the club should know, market research and all that. They’ll be selling slippers and pipe tobacco at the ground soon.


War baby, 74 next month.


60 born 58. Been a fan under The Harrisons, Ken Wheldon and The Leech.

36, been a fan since the Chris Nicholl season.

50 in July. First started going in 1977

I’m 22, born in 96. Have my Mom’s side of the family to thank for all of this …

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Calling all pensioners . . . 65 now, born 1953 in sunny Palfrey.
Jesus, where did that go?

I’m 41,lived in Wednesbury as a kid and use to walk to fellows park ,the nearest ground to me.

  1. First game in ‘74. Which has a certain symmetry.

The general point of this thread is spot on. I see very few teenagers at our games. If the club are serious about a proper review of the pricing structure they need to pay close attention to the 13-22 age group. Youngsters who often won’t independently organise themselves in the March before the next season to join the “squad” or whatever, who won’t really want to be accompanied by mum or dad, who independently don’t have too much cash and who wil often decide on Saturday morning what they want to do that day with or without their mates.

I’d go a fiver for those in full-time education and tenner for those not.

And the club shouldn’t get too wound up about somebody falsifying their study status. I’d prefer someone doing us out of a fiver than an empty seat to be honest.


27 next week. '98 onwards. My Grandad - and Sir Ray - to thank.

Worries me greatly to look at our average age and I find it more noticeable at away games. The price of stagnation and not working harder to attract fans, I’m afraid.

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  1. First game was the day we got relegated from the Championship, so least I got to see us in the 2nd division once

I’m 67 born in '51. A saddler since '63, the days of Frank Gregg, Colin Taylor and 12.5p to get in.

Born in 92. 26 years a ■■■■■■.

56 born in 62, didnt go to fellows park until I was 18 though.

36, first game in 1990.

Interesting thread. Of course whats more damning is that when people like myself make the effort to take youngsters, they are cherry picked by our rivals! I know I harp on about it (probably because I still struggle to believe it), but its not because of the football - its because its 10.50 cheaper…


67 - born in 1952

Old enough that I now have to work out my age whenever someone asks!
2018 (Sept birthday) -1982…errr, 36!

I’m 63…but when I’m dressed up in a suit with my new shoes on,I can easily pass for 62…:thinking::blush:


I just beat WELSH …I am 74 next week. First match 1957…regular since 1959.

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