Ageing fanbase


I think i was thinking of Greavesy to be honest.
The one and only Mr Clough came out with some pearlers though didn`t he?
“If God had wanted us to play football in the clouds, he’d have put grass up there”


And he very often did. I remember seeing him score from the halfway line.



Any good at statues/busts?

This one could do with some improvement.

Though I believe it has been replaced.


Overall then we are a bunch of old bastards on this site . 16 people under 35. 39 over 35. Of those who posted .


I don’t think of 35 as old…


Just used 35 as a gage as anybody younger would only really know the bonser years


The post-Fellows Park generation.


Make that 40.

  1. First game v Rotherham in 70/71.



55 in March.


Some fans will point out as well as none Walsall fans and media etc that we are a stable well run club . Thats not good enough we want identity our own ground we own and a future instead of stagnation and we have a worrying ageing fan base with falling attendences and youngsters in the town going to support other local clubs.


Fast approaching 40 and certainly feeling old. Let’s hope I can do another 40 years of league One :grinning:


I’m worrying about relegation.


Not this year mate we are inconsistent but there will be 4 worse teams than us !!!


I thought it was “it’s an easy 3 points” said mainly by Walsall’s opponents this season…:smile:


My grandson aged 18 is a member on the site so that pushes the averages down.
He prefers to use a sub group spin off of the WFHYS site as they tend to be more his age group and they discuss the team and the club and the players etc etc. He says UTS has real value but he doesn’t want to see the personal abuse bits that seem to go on sometimes between members. He only wants the football issues.


40 in May. First game was Centenary Game in 1988 against Manchester United. Regular since the Nicholl years.


Yep, pain in the hole.


I was at the Falkirk game to welcome the floodlights. Bet not many people on here can say that. It was a cold night and if memory serves me right the Falkirk goalie came out wearing track suit bottoms. And they say that the 'old generation ’ were tough :cold_face:


I was there too…I have the programme .You are right about the goalie.


I, too, was at the Falkirk game. Never mind their goalkeeper - our lot wore shiny, satin-effect shirts which were claimed to be better under floodlights!