Ageing fanbase


Fantastic post mate… well worked out :+1::+1:


Surprised me as well.

Maybe just feels that way because the more vocal fans/posters tend to be from the ends of the spectrum; Passionate youngsters and Ancient moaners :wink: :smiley:


You have sort of answered yourself there - as you say, the graphs are based on the 70 replies you’ve had so far, which are from registered users of just this site rather than the typical matchday attendance or the fanbase as a whole. My guess would be that the younger end of the spectrum will mostly be using Facebook or Twitter rather than yesterday’s tech of a message board so will skew it more towards us stick-in-the-mud old codgers who still remember old money, inside forwards (what people these days know as a “number 10”), and getting the day’s results on Ceefax rather than a phone app.

Anyway, for your 71st response - 55, first game was Grimsby on a Tuesday night in January 1975 (this and Bury the following Saturday being the 2 stub games for Newcastle tickets in the FA cup 4th round after beating Man Utd in a 3rd round replay the previous week).

Can’t really remember too much about either of those first 2 games - although Buckley probably scored (he usually did!) - but Georgie Andrews headed winner against the Toon, and then the visit to St Andrews in round 5 (when the Bluenoses skimmed slates from the roof of the stand into the Walsall end) are forever burned into my memory. Have been hooked ever since.


Where does that leave me,I’m a passionate moaner…:roll_eyes::confused:


To be fair, I know plenty of ancient youngsters, so why not! :laughing:


If i remember correctly, my first game was with my dad and uncles, we stood in the laundry end against Oxford, but it was my first away game that got me really hooked, i had gone to walsall on a shopping trip to buy some Karman Ghia jeans that were all the rage at the time, and i saw some mates going to the train station to catch the special that was laid on for fans going to Shrewsbury, my god it was an eye opener, everybody ■■■■■■ up causing mayhem, keeping the coppers on board on their toes, when we got off we were escorted the short journey to the ground, it was in the days of fencing behind the goal to stop fans invading the pitch, it was that wire with the green plastic coating on it, i remember a long haired byker called Togger, he had played up on the journey down, and had been warned by the police officers on the train, he started to set fire to the fence, and this thick black acrid smoke started to fill the away end, he was quickly arrested and spent the journey back in the guards coach :rofl:


Jesus, that must have been some pregnancy :smile:


He’s quite a small man for his age …