Agm 2021


Leigh Pomlett
Stefan Gamble
Dan Mole

Andy Morris (Dains)

David Bathurst
Vic Cotterill
Bob Thomas

Apologies for Absence
Nigel Bond
Jamie Fullarton
Peter Gilman
Richard Tisdale
Roy Whalley

The minutes, balance sheet and accounts were accepted.

Leigh Pomlett and Roy Whalley were re-elected as directors

The meeting opened at 1.00 p.m. and closed at 1.06 p.m.

It was very refreshing to see the Club Chairman attend the AGM - unlike the previous 20 such meetings!!! (Now, what was his name, again?)

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Seems like a worthwhile meeting

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Let’s be honest, the board looks virtually identical to under the previous regime.

Why is Whalley still connected to the club? no wonder we have difficulty shaking off the dinosaur tag


Seems a bit strange that the new DOF couldn’t make it

I’m not in business so are these meeting like a legal requirement? Just seems so pointless for like 5 minutes. Obviously there not really important

I bet if it was in the bar they still couldn’t get served :joy:


Whalley not in attendance but re elected, I have other interests outside football and if your not in attendance then you can’t be put forward for a position, obviously it works a little different with football clubs.

6 minutes is enough time to do something 3 times in my life.

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I’d rather he be getting on with the day job than sitting in that 6 minute sign off to be honest.

Yes mate , I was skim reading didn’t actually see how long it lasted !

Tisdale, Gilman…genuinely do these 2 exist?

Has anyone ever seen them for years?

Presumably, the memo and arts specify what a quorum is and, presumably, we had enough there to satisfy that quorum.

Hopefully Fullarton was busy out meeting a potential signing or two.

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Statutory tick box exercise completed for another year! The fact the chairman turned up appears irrelevant given it was still 6 mins like under Bonsor’s stewardship, albeit never showing up.

Genuine question for shareholders who attended, but why were no questions tabled? I would have thought as shareholders there would be at least one question to table about financial performance, debt management, finance required to support future plans and how it will be raised etc. Seems a bit pointless turning up otherwise.

Nothings changed at all has it?

Same old clueless names.

Hopefully Fullerton and Taylor can drag us into somewhere near a modern professional club.


Yeah, Jeff’s lapdog being on the board still makes me uneasy.

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And the enabler.

Back in the day when small companies had to hold an AGM my wife and I used to take around 2 minutes to hold our AGM. :rofl:

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2 mins?
That long?