Alfie Bates Departs

Strange one but good luck to the lad, hope he does well and comes back as a superstar


Interesting one…leaves the bench a little light…perhaps a free agent lined up?

Interesting move. SJK are a top flight club and won the league in 2015.

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What a strange but altogether understandable transfer. I remember watching him in the youth team and he was an absolute dynamo, buzzing around, getting forward, making plays, really nice footballer. Unfortunately Clarke insisted on having his two central midfielders play as holding midfielders and he went backwards and never really recovered. His performances for most of last season were woeful.

An indictment of how important it is to treat your young players correctly at their most key developmental ages.

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Disappointed with him leaving but delighted he has got fixed up with another club. His introduction to the first team had many of us thinking we had discovered another Keates but for reasons unknown his appearances dwindled under two managers and in his last couple of appearances he struggled to make any impact on the team.
Wish him the best of luck.


Not really, he’s only played 4 times this season which was in the trophy.

Good luck to him. I think it’s a loss to us as it wasn’t too long ago he looked like the brightest young talent we’d had in a while and even had Prem League scouts looking at him.

Not sure what’s happened for his career to stall but our last three managers didn’t seem to rate him.

I hope he does well and regains his form.

His Walsall career Finnished! :finland:


Good luck young man. I wish you well. You did not get the right treatment a young player deserves at a Club like ours.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see a free agent or two. Based only on the comments from Flynn at his press conference last week.

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Ledesma was their top scorer last season but he has now moved on.

It is a strange move in the sense that you can’t really see where the link is. I wish him very well - it could be a career defining move for him as I suspect he had no future with Walsall.

One question: how is it that, after Brexit, we cannot sign EU players but Finland, in the EU, can sign British? I suppose it is just the rules the UK government has in place.

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That will be an amazing experience for the young man fair play to him

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Great move for him I would say

“Alfie…olet varmasti iloinen saadessasi vihdoin tämän yli.”

“Alfie…you must be delighted to finally get this over the line”


Fair play, he’s a good little player, and needs to be playing. If he’s not going to be in our team then good luck to the lad.


They are managed by Nathan Jones’s ex-assistant at Luton so there are EFL links (and there’s a whole host of British scouts working full-time for top flight Scandinavian clubs). This sort of transfer will begin to happen way more often.

Good luck young master bates. Hopefully you can start tapping into your potential.

It is never clear whether unfulfilled potential is down to the individual or the club. Either way it is always a shame. I hope Alfie can get right back on track and reach the heights many of us thought he might when he burst onto our scene two or three seasons ago.


Anyone else think the “undisclosed compensation package” was actually Walsall paying the Finnish club?

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