Alfie Bates

Yesterday was my first look at Alfie Bates. I was shocked and surprised by the skills of Alfie. I realise that it was only Nuneaton of the seventh tier, but boy he looked good.
I remember my first glimpse of David Kelly and Don Penn and thought they looked promising.
This boy is going to be a great player and should have a long contract as he will be off for a huge fee in a few years time


If not January.

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All sounds very promising based on the first 3 friendlies. My first look will be against the Vile.

Let’s hope he can flourish under DC and his coaching team. I’ve never seen him play his he an attacking midfielder

Only seen him a couple of times . Works very hard with good feet and touch and can pick a pass. Would like to see him play a slightly more advanced role in the team.

Has been the best player in our three friendly games.

He’s not scared to have the ball at his feet, always looking to go forward with the ball, picks out his team mates with a superb pass.

Just can’t burn him out so I’d still go with Sinclair, Guthrie and Kinsella but bring him in from time to time.


And incredibly was available to be picked last season in a midfield that couldn’t create or score for toffee, but wasn’t even used as a sub.

Let’s wait and see, get a feeling that fans are getting carried away a little, let’s remember his age and the fact the games have been friendlies, even though it appears he has out shone more experienced or older players. The true measure will be if DC selects him for the rough and tumble of L2 and how he adjusts and copes!! I really hope he is the real deal. I wish him well.


Is he attacking midfielder or more like a Dobson who players deeper?

Maybe in some of the teeth gnashing of Dobbo moving on there is actually reason as DC think Bates is ready to play and Dobson remaining would block that path.

Fully agree, but he should get games in the Checkatrade Trophy and be on the fringes of the first team

Looks composed and skillful…

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I’d say he’s a mix of Kinsella and Dobson.

Fairly certain he’s played more advanced and attacking in the youth team but as @Bags10 says with the senior squad he’s been a mix but has mainly played deeper.

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