Alfreton Town (A) 6th July 2019

Dobbo here but not warming up

McAlinden here and Alex Nichols…

And Kevin Wilson.

As per team sheet:

1 Roberts
2 Norman
5 Clarke ©
6 Scarr
7 Pring
8 Gordon
9 Adebayo
11 Sinclair
14 Bates
17 Kinsella
21 Leak


3 Cockerel-Mollet
4 Dobson
10 Facey
12 Kiersey
16 Faulkes
18 Perry
19 Hardy
23 Willis
24 Coogan
25 Lynch
(all others are triallists)

So no Ferrier and Adebayo wearing the no. 9 shirt. Hmm … what do you make of that?

Rumours of an imminent Ferrier departure apparently…

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No Candlin either?

Looks like we’re starting with a 5-3-2 formation.

Spoke to him yesterday

Was very much up for the challenge ahead this season and was eager to get started?


Norman Scarr Leak Clarke Pring

Kinsella Bates Sinclair

Adebayo & Flash

The last thing you want in your defence is a leak

It’s right

Could be plenty of ‘Tap’ ins

1-0 -Adebayo header in the 6th minute (freekick headed back across goal to him by Norman).


Hope he doesn’t disrupt the flow of the game

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He has been very quiet so far in the close season…Could be off.

At least he wont have any ‘pressure’ on him to perform


Is there many walsall fans at the game ?

The reds are going up,the reds are going up,ey ay adio the reds are going up…too soon ? :astonished:

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Many there?

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1-1 in the 39th (their first real attempt). High ball into the right of our box, headed across, knocked on a couple of times as we tried to press the player on the ball, but ended up with a man in space on our left who drove it in from the corner of the 6 yard box.

They are rubbish,Clarke should go now, and give his successor time to settle in before the season starts…:anguished:

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