All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


£35k definitely

  • a 20% sell on.


We will have given more than that. That’s why they wouldn’t sell him to Tranmere and anyone else. They wanted a bigger sell on.


They agreed the move to tranmere, if you read their club website. The move was rejected by the player and his recently appointed agent. The player and his agent then agreed a deal with AFC Wimbledon but the club would not accept it because the sell on was less than the 20% that they had agreed with Tranmere.
The players agent was then in a hissy fit because he wasn’t getting as much and threatened to sue the club.
The club then were going to sue the player and his agent for breach of contract.
Ferrier then realised that his agent was shafting him and went back to his old agent.

All of this is explained in detail on the clubs website.


Yeah I saw that. Maybe they’ve done it at 20% but wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve gone a bit higher to secure.


Excellent. With the sell on we can resist bids for 20 million on the basis that Boreham Wood are greedy and wont agree to lower their percentage.


Hope George Thomas to Scunny don’t come to bite us, been on about him for last 2 years.


Baka is going to Accrington I’ve heard !!!


loan or are we selling?


I really don’t see why we would sell Baka, unless it’s to bring the money in. We’ve finally got a full contingent of strikers with Parker/Candlin as 4th choice. Everyone is saying Ferrier is big, strong and quick. Isn’t that what Baka is? Still a useful player at this level and means we don’t have to go and search for another unproven player at this level. Now Baka can play his natural game off of a big target man, we might see a different player


going to bristol rovers for 150k


I think he may come good eventually


good bit of business that, mind you knowing our luck he will bang in 25 goals a season for the next 2 years and get sold to arsenal for 20 million with us having no sell on clause :joy:


Think in that situation the club should take 150k, very good amount for someone who averages 5 goals a season.

Get a young striker on loan from premier league club and that is good business.


Just slightly worries me that 2 experienced managers that I rate highly in the lower leagues (Clarke & Coleman) see the potential in him. It’s not like he’s dropping down a level


Both have upcoming appointments at Specsavers!


I agree. But after all that’s happened he might never achieve his potential,whatever that is, at Bescot now. I think a move at that fee is probably best option for both parties.


I’m sorry but I trust my own judgement over theirs. We’ve seen him play more than anyone else and we all know he’s poor.


According to the 5 pages of Bakayoko rumours on the Bristol Rovers message board, Wael Al-Qadi (President of the GasHeads) has stated that their target signing is NOT Bakayoko… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Oh bugga, that’s like someone offering you top dollar for your Sinclair 5 only to realise it’s rubbish and going back on the deal! Have they made the mistake of actually watching him play?