All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


I suppose we will have to wait until we see the team selected against Plymouth Argyle - if Baka doesn’t even make the bench it would seem he’s on his way. I was surprised that he wasn’t used at all against Cheltenham Town, because that would have been the ideal opportunity to see how he would pair up with Andy Cook in a “2 up front” mode.


He’s not in the squad.


Ought to get yourself booked in then pal


I’ve seen him ‘play’ regularly, obviously the team that have bought him haven’t, otherwise they wouldn’t have wasted their dosh!


Doubt he’ll be missed with how Ferrier played today.


Him going would be the right move for both him and the club. Good luck to him.


Should definitely be another CF coming in before the windows close, possibly two, as we saw when Ferrier went off today, we had no options left on the bench apart from two very young inexperienced forwards who need sending out on loan, then had to push Zeli up front, playing two up front, needs another decent quality CF on the bench, especially with Bakka going, and possibly a younger loanee too.


I don’t see how Bakayoko would get in this team. Cook and Ferrier look a great pairing up front and they’ve only just linked up. I thought Parker had a great pre-season and Candlin is one for the future.


Heard a rumour today that Candlin is going out on loan next week


Problem is a nice little pre season friendly strolls are nothing like the intensity of a league one match, like todays, which was a humdinger by the way and very entertaining, I think Parker may well have struggled, that’s probably why Keates didn’t bring him on


That is just what Candlin needs at the moment. A season in the National League would be perfect for his development.


Where’s Candlin going?


Don’t know, was just told a loan move is in the offing, also told a CM will be signing soon, possibly early next week, I would think to replace Chambers, so he can sit on the bench and be used in the last 20 mins of games if needed, if fit of course, he clearly wasn’t today, and his age us beginning to show.


In the wind :grin:




Just watched Joe Masi’s video on the E&S website. Bakayoko could be confirmed as early as Monday, says the extension was triggered with a view to selling. Also says Keates is looking for more signings in CM. I would still like to see another CB as well as CM and another striker to replace Bakayoko, especially if Candlin is going out on loan.


See Inman scored twice for Rochdale yesterday, really wish we’d managed to sign him.


Should have signed Inman when he was free.


I shall don my tin hat but while OIlie Shenton on loan from the Potters to fill the midfield berth seems more likely, could we ask Mr Rowett if we can take Charlie Adam on loan? Nowhere near the first team squad at Stoke and could do a great job in league one. Imagine how Dobson could learn from a wily old pro like Adam! I may be wrong but I recall WFC having Kevin MacDonald back in the day and he helped a young midfielder called Edwards if I recall correctly? Sadly, injury cut short a very promising career if I remember rightly…


I would think Shenton is on DK’s list, having played 17 times for Wrexham, and may well be signed on loan as extra midfield back up, but he’s not the player I have been told is joining us.

The player concerned is not a young player like Shenton he is in his mid twenties and was released by his club this summer, a southern Premiership team, didn’t play many games for them, but has spent a lot of time on loan, last season in league one, season before championship, so has plenty of experience.

Played against us last season having spent the season on loan and is a very imposing player and ran the game at our place.

I was told he will be signing at some point this week.