All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


Rohan Ince maybe? Always liked him when I saw him play - big, strong and can carry the ball well. Sure I’ve saw him score a few screamers in his time too.

On loan at Bury last season and been on loan at Fulham in the past.


I thought someone might guess who it was, source sounded pretty sure it was a done deal.

6’3" and built like Osborne only a lot younger and he can also play centre half, which apparently swung the deal.

Yes he played really well against us, I reckon he will be Chambers replacement this season, even more important with Chambers going off on Saturday, I dont think he was fit from the off and didnt take part in the open trainiing day as far as I could see.


Hopefully so - good that he can play in a few positions. Was on Chelsea’s books as a youngster.

Would be happy to see him score a few like this if he signs on.


Yeah I watched that video as soon as I got back from the game on Saturday when checking up on him.

I think Paul Ince is his uncle.

I remember him having a superb match against us for Bury last season, we could not get the ball off him.

Just the sort of player we need in Central Midfield to play alongside Gorgeous George, and we also have Joe Edwards to come back into the team at some point.


According to news reports he was on trial at Charlton but has left due to a knee injury so that may put a hold on any transfer.


Was just about to put the same.

But any midfielder in the mould of Ince/Osbourne would be a good addition.


This news came via the Express and Dingle’s Masi.

There is a piece from Masi just been released this morning with Keates saying he is hoping for a couple of permanent signings before Thursdays deadline and the midfield area is one of the positions he is looking at, as well as a replacement for Bakka.

I would also expect a couple more loans before the August 31 deadline, surely we will take advtantage of Rowetts offer, I would go for Souttar, unless Egert is still in the background


Coventry were in for Baka before Bristol Rovers so I can see him going there over Bristol.

Candlin may be leaving on a permanent yet, wait and see on that one.


Who’s in for Candlin?


Not entirely sure which way it’s headed, whether leaving perm or on loan.

I know that recently teams including Southampton, Brighton and Leeds have been interested. Last season, Spurs and West Ham


If its permanent we better be asking them for 1m+ based on the crazy money these teams pay for absolutely average players.


Justin Shaibu has joined Boreham Wood on loan…


Makes you realise how ■■■■ a signing he was.


Fitzwater aside, we really did spend that transfer window in the bargain bins.


Don’t know if it has already made mentioned, but they have signed Billy Clifford too.


Thinking of Clifford, wonder what his mate Milan is doing at the minute.

I understood he had been invited for a pre season trial.


from what I’ve heard we offered a trial, but he said he has already justified himself a contract with the club.


Maybe might have got away with that under the clown Witney.

Not with Keatsey though


Leave him to it then. Don’t think i’ve heard of him getting a new club yet.


I’d love to see Osbourne back he’d be perfect with dobbo in the centre still a free agent as well.