All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


A bit of a cuvelier type risk for me, like you say a good player on his day but can we afford for him to come and break down after a few games, then having him sat on his ■■■■ for the rest of the season?, anyway he probably wouldn’t come after the way bonser and the club treated him last time, i know warehouse men that were on more than him.


I wouldn’t have Osbourne back…he clearly wasn’t good enough at our level. I also cannot believe he was only on £350 per week.


I don’t think he’ll be back given him outing that £350 figure.

I’m pretty confident that whilst that may have been his basic wage that he’d have been on a significant pay/win bonus given his injury record.

If this is the case, our hierarchy not only won’t be happy with him publicly moaning about his deal with us but also the negative slant he has applied.


Osborne clearly not good enough at our level? Is this a joke?

He was clearly a talented league one player but was injury prone which has hampered his career.

I don’t think we should sign him back but to say he was not up to standard is simply wrong


Yep, he really must have been, he’s joined the team we just signed Ferrier from :roll_eyes:


Spot on P.T. People who use this £350 a week to berate the club are conveniently forgetting his history. Were it not for Whitney, I suspect he wouldn’t have played at league level again (same with Mantom) and a sensible club, looking at his record and the fact we’d paid him for 12 months to sit in the stands, would give a very low basic with very high incentives. That’s how I imagine the deal was structured. As it is, the fact that he couldn’t get another club at this level and ended up near the foot of the next division says a lot about him and his talents.


Bury fans love him!

Still club has taken many players who’'e failed at previous clubs and got good games out of them so will reserve judgement until he plays a few.


Latest rumour is that we’re looking to get Manny Smith from Wrexham! :open_mouth:
Yes our Manny Smith :open_mouth:
Smith must be looking at him as a bench warmer in case of injury to Guthrie or Fizzy.:pray:


Loved Manny while he was here, used to have a few chats with his dad a lovely fellow, but sentiment apart i don’t think he would be up to league 1 standard now?


Well he hasn’t done much since he left us has he?


Tend to agree with that…as a bench warmer ok but if either of the others got long term injuries I would be worried.


As a head it kick it CB he was alright…terrible technique though and doubt that’s improved given he’s played at lower levels since.


Find Manny Smith a wholly unappealing transfer target, we can do better surely?


The difficulty is finding someone who’s good AND willing to sit on the bench. The 2 don’t just sit together well.


Is there anyone out there who can play centre midfield but drop in at centre back if required?


Probably out of our price range but I’d love Mark Davies. Only 30, played 100+ games in the Championship and comes from Willenhall.


Davies has been without a club for over a year and hadn’t played for longer than that. I’m not sure if he’s retired?


Was he last at Bolton?


Yes think so


Hasn’t played a game since August 2016. Had a couple of really bad injuries at Bolton. and was released at the end of his contract in June 2017.