All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


I’m quite looking forward to see who dk brings in
As so far can’t think of 1 bad signing he has made


Apparently our ex Wrexham car park attendant was a bit brash with fans on Sat. Poor from Keates :wink:


Hitc reporting we are going to sign Josh Gordon from Leicester



Josh Gordon B.A.(Hons) Sports Development and Coaching, no less. Can play on either wing or as striker. Being spoken of as “the new Jamie Vardy” :open_mouth:


As a backup striker/option on the wing probably not a bad punt.


He brings out the best in non-league goalkeepers. There’s some proper howler filth in these clips if you’re in to that sort of thing. Ooooh bumpy pitches on a cold Monday night.


I wonder if he is flash?


Gordon’s Alive!


Would be a good option from the bench. Sell Bakayoko for 200k and bring in Cook, Ferrier and Gordon. Unreal business from Keates.


Our last two acquisitions from north of the border don’t fill me full of confidence…


Dundee is a bit higher level than Ayr


Not so keen on Gordon. I’d rather us bring someone in permanently with a bit more experience. Use the money from Bakayoko (although I am fully aware that it’s probably in ridiculously small installments).


Issue is, who wants to sit on the bench that we would pay 100k for? Presumably he has promised Cook and Ferrier that, unless they are playing poorly, they are first teamers. I would go with this and, if it doesnt work out, consider a loan signing in Jan.


Meh I’d rather we got a loan in to sit on the bench and signed a permanent centre mid to be honest. We are very thin there. Personally wouldn’t mind seeing us bulk the squad up with the 3 more loans we are allowed. I think it’s the only way any manager is going to be able to do that at Walsall.


Presumably that is still the plan, still get in a midfielder and defender.


I dunno, just doesn’t excite me at all this.


The absolute perfect signing for me. I’d have bet my house on him being out of our budget but Gillingham?! Surely worth enquiring simply based on that?


What a signing that would be.


I would definitely “goaffer” him.