All Quiet at The Banks's - Transfer Rumour Thread 18/19


I blame the player more than Whitney: total charlatan. There’s more I could say but I’m pretty sure that he will get an interesting reception from the Walsall fans if he ever returns in an opposing team…


Who will be our final signing - the 3rd centre back? Keates doesn’t seem overly worried so must know who he wants.


What happened to the Rohan Ince link, I take it he’s still at Brighton?

Guess Osbourne signing makes it unlikely but wasn’t talk that he might be used as a CB?


Injured while on trial at Charlton


John terry has been suggested 3 guesses where :joy::joy:


Derby county ?


Wouldn’t get in our team :grin:


Keates should not rest on his laurels.He needs another central defender and two midfielders.Dobson is likely to be suspended sometime,Osbourne is injury prone and Chambers should have retired last year.Do not wait until the last minute.


I don’t give a toss if he waits to the last minute - it’s worked out pretty well so far. If we get another flurry of activity on 31 August which brings in the sort of quality he brought on on the 3rd I will be well satisfied.


Anyone think dk will sign more than a cb?


No there will be a centre halfcand thats it. Just a question whether this player will be a filler - or straight in the team.


Straight In the team? Have to be some player to dislodge Guthrie and fitzwater at the minute surely?!!


If our defence I’d so good why do we keep conceding, don’t get me wrong I think we look very strong from what I’ve seen. for some reason I was disappointed to concede Saturday maybe because how strong we are looking


Its a difficult one. He will want to sign players of the quality to come in and do well when called upon. The clubs loaning will want them to get a good amount of time and experience and the players themselves will want to obviously play. But Dean has shown he won’t disrupt the starting line up for the sake of it. Anyone who comes in will have to force there way into the starting 11 as I can’t see it changing anytime soon baring injury/suspension.


Would still like to see Greg Halford arrive: as a utility man boasting a great long throw, he can play in several positions, including midfield. Because he has height and experience, he would add to the depth of the squad considerably. By the time he got match fit, suspensions would build up and he would then have to play well to keep his place. He has even played up top and if Cook got injured, suspended or was hovering on a yellow with us chasing the game, who else do we have to come on with some experience? The promising start to Walsall’s season might convince him that we could ‘do a Cardiff’ with a bit of momentum and squad depth…


We don’t need another two midfielders at all :joy:

Another defender to cover Jon and Jack and we’re sorted.


The team spirit at the moment is sky high, it’s not worth bringing in others on a ‘just because we can’ basis. It would be a disaster for this to be ruined by potentially signing a ‘bad egg’, or someone who is going to sulk at being a squad player.

Cover at centre back and we will be fine. No need to sign someone to play in CM with Edwards on his way back, not to mention Kinsella who has impressed in CM whenever called upon


Back up striker?

Dunno how Gordon has looked in his cameos but would people be confidence if Cook or Ferrier missed 3-4 games?

I agree enough in midfield. Chambers is now cover probably and Joe Edwards could be back before xmas so think that’s plenty especially as Kinsella also looked good so far.


Gordon has only been given a few minutes at the end of games so he can’t be judged at all yet.


I still believe we need another midfielder , should we get an injury to Dobbo or Osbourne then you would have a stretch of games with either Chambers or Kinsella, who for would not match up quality wise … considering the money in the back I don’t think it would hurt . And afterall competition for places can only be healthy.

Also another centre back is pretty critical.