All the back room staff

All the back room staff need to go if they think Wilson is good enough to start utter ■■■■■ he his

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I think it’s more a case of trying to rotate the squad to keep players fresh!

Not easy to do with a bag of scratchings and a refresher bar for a budget.


Deano wasted his budget on players like Ben purkiss

I can guarantee he’s not picking up a salary.

Pretty sure I heard that without a playing contract Purkiss would of had to step down from his job with the PFA. I’m pretty sure this is just the club doing him a favour.

No he didn’t. Purkiss isn’t paid like the rest of the squad.

We’ll be covering his expenses at most.

Do fans not think that the massive backroom staff that Deano has assembled should take some of the blame for our recent performances?

Why it is massive? I think it’s normal for league one level. Times where one manager had one assistant and one coach to organise team, gone. Only fitness looks not that good, like it was under Whitney. Maybe he was not so good footy manager, but fitness level was near the top.

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Sure. Davis looks to me like he’s been to the Ian Sharpes school of coaching. Oakes’ matchday guidance to Roberts seems to be little more than ’ go out and enjoy it’. Not impressed at all.

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I am sure that Deano has the biggest backroom staff ever assembled? and it doesn’t seem to have made a whole lot of difference.

End product could be better, but, how I could say it. I don’t want to offend someone, but that’s third league level. It’s rather obvious better coaches work league or leagues above. Current staff could be, and probably is, inexperienced at this level. It will take time and effort, to adjust. I know last cup game could be better, but I’m afraid even when Dean and his staff made 100% plus, still Bolton would win this game.


It’s pretty normal though really. We’re just used to not having many as our club is still stuck in the 80s in everything apart from ticket prices.


No. He assembles his team, he has to take the blame. Their input on matchday seems negligible but that is presumably because keates doesn’t want it. It was noticeable at the last home match that the only other vocal person, and the one keates talked to, was Martin!

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I find it so strange that people seem to have a problem with the “massive” backroom staff. Particularly when it isn’t.

i am sure it is the biggest we have had for quite a while?

Yeah maybe. Just because it’s the biggest we’ve had it doesn’t mean it’s huge.

Have a look at some other teams backrooms. Man City have a massive back room. Chelsea have a massive backroom.

We’ve got 5 or 6 blokes. It’s really not a big number.

We haven’t had a scout for years. Doesn’t mean you should operate without one.

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In my mind I was thinking that 5-6 backroom staff are taking a wedge out of the club in wages, which could be spent on a couple of decent players, whatever happened to the days where the manager and possibly a number 2 would take over all the training duties, and Man city have millions more to spend than we do.

Agreed, but the budget should be larger on the whole. I’m not going to criticise Keates for wanting a professional backroom. The budget should be big enough for that and a squad.

Football has come a long way since those days and more importantly so have the teams we are competing with.


Got to blame keates spent
most the budget on that joke

Not the bloke who doesn’t allow budget that means we can actually have a professional set up and a comfortable League one squad? :roll_eyes: