Almost a year on from the last protests meeting with Bonser!


Ye ■■■■■■■ electric if we are lucky :rofl:




Get this out to fans as a starting point, Then take a look round whilst up there, See how many back it
Jeff will not be present on panel but I guarantee will be out the back counting the takings, And laughing that by coming and moaning about him as again put him in the pound seats as Monday will be a Brucie bonus for him


Please can I be the one to plug it in


Indeed, although I would say that any protest needs time to generate and gather momentum. We had 15-20 at the Oxford game and 200 outside at the end of the next game.

The AGM meeting could be the catalyst of future protests, but it may take a few weeks to get the kind of numbers that would attract higher level media attention.


This is the stance I have now decided to take too. I still want to watch my club, but I also want to hit him where it hurts.