Isn’t it amazing how after 3 or 4 decent (not world beating by any means) results,Leigh Pomlett isn’t “totally out of his depth”, MattTaylor isn’t “too inexperienced “ and Jamie Fullerton isn’t just picking players using a pin. I think the next time we go through a bad patch I suggest we all hold fire until we come out the other side…:zipper_mouth_face::grinning:



Yeah, I’ll wait until we’re above 16th in the bottom division to get the bunting out to be honest.

It’s absolutely amazing people feel the need to be smug after 4 years of completely abject, ever decreasingly depressing performances.

The only statement I totally agree with there is Matt Taylor … and I was saying that at the time :man_shrugging:

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Just saying…let’s give em a bit of slack instead of jumping on them with completely over the top comments if/when we have a couple of bad results. You’re right about the past few years, but none of the above mentioned were in their positions over the past 4 years.

Well one of them was. Been a director for a very very long time.

If you start the season as poorly as we did people will question those in charge.

Yes, he was a director, but in a dictatorship.

That he signed up for. And sat in that chair himself for half that time.

Hopefully we continue improving, long way to go.

It’s not exactly amazing is it Jeff Bonsor is the devil incarnate and when went on good runs everything he did was quickly forgotten untill we lost a few games then the burnt sausage roll piss on the toilet floor brigade would come out in force again 100% certain we are going to be playing on the fields opposite the tiger pub in 5 year’s time .

Well at least you should be able to get a pie and a pint easily enough :grinning:

I’ll drink to that…:beer:

It’s social media - what do you expect? :man_shrugging:

The world is either black or white - there are no shades of grey (and definitely not 50 of them!)


16th in league 2 :champagne:


Well I for one never forgot what Bonser had done, even in the best of seasons.

Total leech.


Yep can’t quite work that one out either. Bonser (rightly) got pelters pretty consistently.

Love the line about piss on the floor and burnt food “brigade” too. Take it that’s acceptable :man_shrugging:

Maybe he likes burnt sausage rolls and piss :man_shrugging:t3:

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Ah, back in the old days everyone loved them ponds of piss, it was character building. In fact bring back national service and standing in piss again.


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The Bescot metal cladding does reflect different shades of grey, depending on the time of day and the light.

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…and the age of the paint.

Taylor out!

Can’t organise a defence, and Pomlett is a shower n’all.

Make matters worse that Darrell Clarke up the road is showing how wasted he was here!

Don’t please no not tonight ., not after that