Andy Butler adds another string to his bow

As well as his plumbing, refereeing and coaching, Andy Butler is now taking up his first football management role, all whilst still playing for Scunny.

What a bloke.


Fair play to him a true leader of men (or women). Sure he will become a top manager hopefully at Walsall one day .


And pansexuals , whatever the ■■■■ that is.

People who ■■■■ kitchen utensils?


as opposed to peterpansexuals, like Michael Jackson, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and certain aristocrats…

Much to our demise, we never replaced Andy Butler. Not that he was easy to replace, but we have not come close to matching his talent. I was sick when he left us.
Good luck, Andy!

Good luck to him. Do well with them. He could then go onto something bigger in the future.