Andy Butler adds another string to his bow

As well as his plumbing, refereeing and coaching, Andy Butler is now taking up his first football management role, all whilst still playing for Scunny.

What a bloke.


Fair play to him a true leader of men (or women). Sure he will become a top manager hopefully at Walsall one day .


And pansexuals , whatever the ■■■■ that is.

People who ■■■■ kitchen utensils?


as opposed to peterpansexuals, like Michael Jackson, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and certain aristocrats…

Much to our demise, we never replaced Andy Butler. Not that he was easy to replace, but we have not come close to matching his talent. I was sick when he left us.
Good luck, Andy!

Good luck to him. Do well with them. He could then go onto something bigger in the future.

Former Walsall captain Andy Butler is determined to prolong his playing career and insists he would ‘love’ a return to the Saddlers.

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Andy Butler.

The 36-year-old was released by League Two rivals Scunthorpe in May after 21 appearances last season.

The defender is the current manager of Doncaster Rovers Belles but he claims his playing days are not behind him.

“I feel as fit as I’ve ever felt,” he said.

“This season wasn’t a good one for me, for whatever reason it never really clicked for me, and it’s disappointing. But I still feel like I have a lot to offer a team and I don’t feel like I’m old. I love playing football, it’s something I’ve always done, and I want to be the one that says my time is up, I don’t want someone else telling me.
“I have to find a club, if someone wants me, and I’ll see if it’s right for me. I can still do a job for a team. I’d love to come back (to Walsall), at some stage, you never know what happens in the future.

“If Walsall came and offered me something, and I’m not saying they will, it’s something I would have to look at seriously.”

Great fella, great memories but no thanks.

We’re OK at centre back and have cover. Sadler has also been given the coach role.

If it were a centre forward with bags of experience I might think about it because Marcus Stewart is a massive miss and our forwards are hugely inexperienced.

But centre back when we have Sadler, Clarke, Scarr, Jules. Thanks Andy, love you and all that. But nah.


Agree that ship has sailed now for me as well.

Agree, no thanks to a playing return.

That goal at the custard bowl though… I called it as well, knew it would be him… what a night, calling em ■■■■■ in their own back yard. Thank you Andy, forever a favourite.

But hey, Butler would score more goals in a season than most of our forward line can produce!

No thanks to old.

I liked the way he attacked the ball.from corners and set pieces.Alot of centre backs wait for the ball to come to them
Great player in my opinion can’t remember him ever having an off day.

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I’d love to see Scarr attack the ball from set pieces like Butler or a Viveash.

But I do think Scarr has a fundamental issue in picking up the flight of the ball early enough. Bit like an outfielder getting under a catch as soon as it leaves the bat.

As the ball arrives, Scarr will often be making last second adjustments and very often will find himself underneath the ball so it comes off the top of his head. Which is untidy but not fatal defensively, a complete waste of time offensively.

I’m not sure whether fixing that can be coached as it is a time, distance, perception thing.

Really rate Scarr, but this is a flaw which unless rectified will hold him back.


No thanks Andy. You’ve had your time at WFC & as a club we can’t afford passengers.

Scarr should have scored at least four of set pieces off the top of my head, he does seem to mistime his headers a lot, an area which he can work on no doubt. I think there is a really good player in there somewhere.

Set pieces are huge at this level.

On the subject of Butler I don’t think we require or want him back he’s just saying he would come back. Legend though, even if when he left it was a little sour.


So that’s where he went wrong, he should have borrowed the top of your head :grinning:


Butler was a fantastic player and skipper for us, but I personally wouldn’t entertain taking him back now.

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