Andy Davies

Very impressed with what I’ve seen so far from this man , he seems the ultimate professional and certainly a task master when watching him during the warm ups.

He’s been a brilliant aquisition and had certainly gone quietly about his job.

Can’t help but think he’s having huge influence on our current success.


Agreed. Think all the staff have been excellent so far. Just goes to show how ■■■■ Ian Sharps was.


Did AD have a playing career?

Does he own a clipboard?

5 I believe

I am sure this was the guy Wrexham said was the mastermind behind Keates success.

That was Carl Darlington according to their fans. Clearly it wasn’t

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Probably like Richard O’Kelly, best suited in an assistant manager role, as he didn’t do too good when he took over the reins at Wrexham last season when Keates left, their form tailed off badly.

I think Darlington was the Defensive coach, I understand Keates tried to bring him here too.

Looks like they are again having a very good season defensively.

Does Davo watch games via you tube?