Anniversary shirt

Good idea by the club - haven’t said that for a while …

Good idea. Retro shirts particularly for Walsall are an absolute rip off so I’ll definitely be getting one!

Quality. My first season getting a Walsall shirt was 98/99 although it was the goalkeeper shirt (Waka was my hero). Will definitely get one of these.

Amazing shirt. Must have the highest badge to shirt ratio of any Walsall kit every produced.

When’s the white 1988 flavour coming back?

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I’ve still got mine! Like getting my monies worth.

Also still wear the 1985 yellow Highgate at games, A shirt that outlived the shop it was made in and bought from by about 30 years. Jan Webster Sports QUALITY!!

My 1995 promotion one is alive but not weareable, 2001 promotion and 2006 relegation… work-wear only.

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hmm, not sure mine fits anymore following years of over indulgence and self abuse. Maybe a new one is required.

We should go back to yellow away. Always loved the “Sign Specialists” yellow away kit. 92 I think :thinking:


Yup, one that I had delivered to Liverpool when at Uni. Seen a fair share of mud and blood, but I still have it. Precious memories!

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Yes, accompanied by a ‘Juventus’ third shirt if memory serves!


Worn away at Crewe in the 5-1 playoffs? :persevere:

A swift came and shat on the standing Walsall fans at that game. How’s that for an ill-omen?



That was my second away game. Tony ******* Naylor.

Still see Jan in the Pretty Bricks pub on a Saturday now and again Geordie.

I’ll be getting one of these. Got £20 of club shop vouchers to use towards it as well.

Crikey, the badge on the shirt is almost as big as uncle jeffs wallet!

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I had one. Great season but a terrible design. The green away kit was even worse.

That atrocity led to the green and white checked genius, which has to be one of my faves.


Green and white checks was great but the year before wasn’t it? The Boli, Peron, Big Fat Jan season?

Green and white checks was the last Nicholl season. Think we had a blue away kit and white third kit (as worn at Old Trafford) under Jan.