Annual report of the accounts


"…And if you think i’m going to match your ambition’s , and give you the backing and more money to make another promotion push you’re barking up the wrong tree matey… "


Thanks for the report…one thing puzzles me. Where is the income received from the sales of Patterson,Bradshaw and Henry gone? I think they were all sold in the period set out in your table. There may be others I have forgotten where we should have received compensation!


You thought Makris looked class?



welcome to the elusive world of mr take all and reveal nothing bonzo :laughing:


The club used to muddy the waters by including player sales within ‘other income’ which is poor reporting IMO.


Thanks…I assumed that to be the case and I agree with you about the reporting.


The red line has always been moving the club out of the town

However as a bloxwich lad I would definitely back this to release us from the rent


How much are they asking?


I said you we’re on a good screw on that council …:money_mouth_face:


I was thinking a consortium :grin:


yes its easy to get to my son plays for there youth team great set up for the level they are currently at.