Another one out of reach?


Half-time at the Keepmoat -

Doncaster Rovers 0 Accrington Stanley 2

As things stand we can’t catch Stanley. Andy Butler on the bench for Donny … strange?

In the other game it’s Luton Town 2 AFC Wimbledon 1 (so far)



Also giving the Posh a chance of sneaking into the play offs, like they needed any more encouragement to beat us on Saturday.



Maths or not - it’s not happening. If it was going to, it would have happened already. We had the chance against Wimbledon, Rochdale, Oxford, Southend, Wycombe. We got one point from those fixtures and we didn’t deserve that.

We aren’t capable and it’s over.



Breaks my heart to see these massive clubs, Accrington, Rochdale, AFCW, Wycombe, battling and scrapping to stay up while we just give up. For all the relevance there is to budgets, recruitment, and managerial appointments in respect of our current plight, the thing they have in spades that our regime has stripped us of is togetherness in a common cause. To me that’s the worst thing about this regime, and its also the thing a club like ours needs more than anything.



Just the way Jeff likes it

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Especially with my minders The mole and the Gambler👣



Accrington won at Doncaster 1-2

AFC Wimbledon got a 2-2 draw at Luton Town. You couldn’t make it up…



You mean that a team threatened with relegation from league 1 have put up a fight with another team in league 1? :wink:



As I’ve said on Twitter. Accrington more or less safe now. We can’t blame budgets on that one. They just have more about them as footballers and as people.



Just to run salt into the wound, the result gives Peterborough a massive inventive on Saturday

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I know this is clutching at straws and I might lay myself open to ridicule but …An extremely unlikely win on Saturday, if combined with results elsewhere, could still mean we are in it going to Shrewsbury. Scunthorpe and Plymouth are on dire runs and play each other on the last day and Southend are at home to Sunderland.This does mean us winning our last 2 games which again looks impossible given our recent form.
I don’t think this will happen but is a possibility if an extremely remote one.



A more likely scenario is that Bradford invite us into the last chance saloon by beating both Scunthorpe and Wimbledon in their last two games. However we meekly decline and end up bottom courtesy of Bradford’s resurgence.



Fair play to anyone still clutching onto that 10 ft long straw.

I would say in any normal case that Plymouth-Scunny playing each other on the last day actually reduces the remote chance of staying up as one of those will surely win which will mean they finish on 49 or 50 points.

The team has been a joke since Barnsley game, not even managing to get a draw in several winnable games.



If you want to clutch at an even longer straw, Coventry being expelled from the league would mean only 3 others go down. We’d still somehow have to finish 21st though.



You have to tip your hat to Accrington though. Looked like they were free falling to relegation a few weeks ago.

Well done to a club that is definitely “punching above its weight”.



EFL postponed their board meeting (ironcially at Walsall sorry the Venue FC) which was due to take place on Thursday so there is next to no chance of Coventry not playing in league 1 next season even if they have to groundshare in Grimsby.

They will be given all the time they need.



Don’t get why they’re such a special case.

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