Another one walks

"Having sat on the interview panel for both Darrell and (academy manager) Miguel Llera, I am confident that the club is in good hands.

“It is vital that we build strong relationships with our supporters if we are to grow and prosper. I’m looking forward to a bright future for everyone connected to Walsall Football Club.”

  • L Pomlett
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Whatever the scouting, coaching or ‘bubble’ situation, we need to be doing a bit better than this.


Jumped before he was pushed. No loss.

Ahhh those pesky league table things, must be just us that’s having bubble trouble.

Another fantastic Pomlett appointment gone

And another step on the road to Sadler eventually becoming our manager in the next 2-3 years??

At least we could dust off the Sadler is a Saddler chants…

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That might get an airing tomorrow :wink:

Llera and Taylor both gone on the same day. Doesn’t smell of coincidence I think Fullerton and Taylor have had a good chat about what needs to happen and changes need to be made


Wouldn’t be surprised if youth/reserve section had been scrapped or at least mothballed. Perhaps greater focus on the academy age groups.

LP hinted at this at the last forum. The lad was way out of his depth.

Bring back Whitney! Atleast he’d have them super fit and the bloke oozed more passion and drive than any coach we’ve had since


I think sometimes it’s easy to underestimate how many bad decisions have been made structurally - getting the club right is going to take some time. Hopefully we aren’t in the national league by then…

Second this.

I suppose he has only been an active director for 11 years!!! :joy:

According to the table shown in the eBay Dream Transfer ad on Sky last night, Walsall Boys are 3rd in the table (though a table for what competition I’m not sure).

Perhaps we’ve put in a £5 bid of our own for a chance to get Roberto Carlos in during the window?

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We got a point? :raised_hands:

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To be fair we should be 5 or 6 points better off…


Oh my god!! :joy:

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