Anthony Forde is available


After messing us about for weeks dithering over signing a new contract ( which IMO was undeserved as he’s been meh for us) but our manager Warne seemed to like him. I know he’s an ex Saddler who did well at the Banks.



Basically proven himself at a higher level now, will not be coming to us.



Would 100% have him back here but I don’t think he’d turn down a contract at Rotherham to drop a league and have a pay cut so that won’t be happening

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Plus the fact I think he ripped off a couple of fans, sometning to do with signed memorabilia ?



Was this not that Michael Cain we had on loan? Could have been Forde but I don’t recall it if it was

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Not a lot of people know that.



You could be right @mtt ? Someone will remember .



Were you one of the Rotherham fans gleefully overcelebrating our relegation in 2004?

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Know people keep saying don’t go back to ex players but would definitely have Forde back probably unlikely we would get him but he would add goals from midfield area which we are lacking. Cain was the guilty rip off guy.



wasn’t that Michael Caine?

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Absolutely not, I was 42 in 2004 (do the maths) & I’d like to think I showed more maturity than the moronic kids that let’s face it all clubs have.
I was at the Banks last August when you beat Gillingham 2-1 & put in a really good performance so your unfortunate relegation came as a surprise to me.
All the best for 19/20



Fair enough, I’ll let you stay then. :grin:



Ye it was :+1:



Wrong bloke

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How far we’ve fallen.

When Forde was here I always thought he was fairly good - decent but there were better players in the team. Was actually surprised he got a move to a higher level.

I’d snap your hand off for him now though. Would have been our best player by an absolute mile last year and looking at us in Div 2, i’d not even imagine he’d contemplate coming to us.



No chance we can’t compete with the likes of Colchester Cheltenham and Northampton these days.

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I thought he was an okay player - nothing special. He lacks pace and I never saw him beat a player. He is League 1 standard at best but could be good in League 2.

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Who have Colchester, Cheltenham or Northampton signed where you’d think ‘Blimey we could’ve had him’. I may be wrong but none of them are anything special.



Lines knight percival cowan hall and bowry Rohan ince off the top of my head there are more without checking i cant name.



Sorry. None of them are any better that what we’ve got. Yes maybe a bit more experienced but journeymen footballers who haven’t really set the world alight anywhere. We’ve just got rid of a load of them. This is a new journey that’s going to need us all to be patient and give it a chance to succeed. I won’t hold my breath that our fans can do that.