Anyone Know?

Obviously I’m a mossive snowflake, but anyone know why a section of our fan were singing Tommy Robinson’s name throughout the match, and also chanting that Luton have lost their town and aren’t English anymore? Pretty sure Walsall has a similar ethnic mix to Luton??!

Be good to encourage our Asian population to attend matches, might add a couple of grand to the gates and into Jeff’s wallet, not drive them away with the racism that doesn’t exist at Walsall games according to some.


Presumably same group who used to sing pope song. I too found it depressing.

How many were there and were they mostly yoof or grown men?

I’d find it difficult not to broadcast my disgust at that. While there are undoubtably individuals of dubious beliefs, we’re normally pretty good at keeping the support football related.

Any overt racism I’ve always directly challenged, there has been one occasion in block 4 and away at MK Dongs in recent years.


I’m sure Pinnacle can tell us.

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I’m married to a mixed race lady and I haven’t been to a home game since Saturday 19th November 2016 when we lost 2-1 to Gillingham.

Towards the end of the game a couple of ‘c you next Tuesdays’ who either couldn’t handle their beer or who were frustrated with the game decided to start making comments on my wife’s race and appearance.

As soon as me and her brother turned round to confront them they decided to head for the exits. If she wasn’t pregnant at the time I’d have followed them and perhaps tried to get a stewards attention. I did report it to the club but unfortunately as they scarpered they couldn’t do anything.

We now have an 18 month old little boy and I want him to support and follow his home town team like his dad. It’s just a shame that there’s always a minority who spoil it for others.


It was a group of mainly younger fans towards the back and near the divide with the home fans and the annoying thing was that there were 3or4 policemen a few yards away watching the divsion between fans who just stood there.I thought they would clamp down on the racism.

I was in with the Luton fans yesterday as I was with a work mate Luton season ticket holder . Most of the luton fans around me were agreeing with the chants. It’s getting worse and it’s not just at Walsall.

Totally embarrassed by the actions of some so called Walsall fans yesterday as was my daughter
Yes Luton Town has a large Asian / Indian /Pakistan area around the ground did they in any way cause you so called fans problems??
Thought not nothing but peaceful people going about there daily life causing no harm to anyone seeing kids playing football in the street and possibly hearing what was being sung hang your heads in shame the small minority who thought it was funny myself and daughter plus quite a few Walsall fans leaving the ground thought you were a disgrace


I would love you try and challenge me with my opinions at a game

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What a ■■■■ you come across as at times.



Is this Pinnacle then? Nasty little C U Next Tuesday whomever he is.

Reckon that statement is threatening behaviour…

If you see a threat in that post then maybe report it to the Police.
There is no threat.

Or we point out you’re violating site rules and the fun police ban you.


Hi guys if my post as annoyed some of you then I apologise just my honest observations on yesterday


You shouldn’t apologise for calling out racists and fascists. These arseholes are a disgrace


There’s nothing to apologise for. :slight_smile:

I’ve read Swampington’s pre-moderated A&E input. Nothing much to say about it as it’s been dealt with. It does read as somewhat threatening, and exposes the kind of thinking of some perpetrators - the immediate move to violent confrontation.

I’d welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss anything you like, something you said you’d do last year in the action meetings. You never showed and I’m not sure you ever will.

I have and will challenge any overt racism, and would encourage everyone to do the same. That doesn’t mean rugby tackling people to the ground, but simply challenging the individual verbally. The law is on your side.

It’s our football club and not the preserve of bigotry and casual racism. It’s up to all of us to make sure it stays that way.


Haven’t been to any action meetings before but would be interested in anything coming up as this needs to be stopped

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Agree totally with this. Sadly it’s not just our club.

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The Tommy Robinson chants aren’t racist. Pointless and bizzare at a football match yes, but not racist.

The other chants I’ve been hearing were sung were pretty vile and I hope those singing it got their heads kicked in.

Not racist in itself, no, but with massive racist overtones.

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