Anyone Remember?

He was around 65-70? glasses smoked like a chimney :grin:

So, I was right, they had been predominately white shirts black shorts, when I was a lad, seemed to have toyed with this orange’y format a couple of times, and now appear to have settled for that. Just does not seem right to me Luton NOT playing in white!
Thanks for the history lessons lads…

I’ve mentioned it a few times but I will be watching the Big Match Revisted tomorrow to get my football fix.

Brings back a few good memories for gents of a certain age.

Escalated quickly then, if it only started on the 8th, the country was feeling the effects by the day before the match.

Currently watching Life on Mars. I was 12 in 1973. Remembering a lot of things watching it :joy:


On today’s programme there were at least 2 free kicks given for obstruction and I remember it being a quite common offence. But I can’t remember the last time I saw it called in one of our games. :thinking:

The other thing of note - in 1975 Luton were playing in their funny orange tops (not quite as funny as the orange the Dingles wear though - “old gold” my arse!) And also Alan Buckley’s brother Steve was playing for them.

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Coincidentally, I watched the Luton game today, I’m not sure why, maybe to see if Eli would get a game (he didn’t) - it was like watching paint dry, the Blues performance was particularly dire, more so than any I’ve seen the Saddlers give this season, and I know that’s saying something. I think they’re doomed for relegation!..maybe this should go on the happy thread😀

I remember that Andy. It was on a Sunday morning I think, Nancy Kominski. She used to paint with a knife

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Great series but for me ashes to ashes was better but rather than age it’s probably more to do with Keeley Hawes


Ah, I’m going to move on to that when I’ve finished this. Loving the nostalgia of the fashions, music, culture of the time etc.
Never saw either before as I didn’t used to watch telly in those days.
Time on my hands now though so catching up on a few series, particularly as there ain’t a lot to do given the restrictions and the weather.

Watching Lost aswell among others.

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Didnt Sir Ray come into the away stand to speak that those that travelled?

If he did I’ve forgotten. If it was before the game I was probably in the pub.

Painting with a palette knife is like playing darts with a harpoon. There is the occasional exception, but generally it produces the sort of cack that ends up on waiting room walls. Great if you are too lazy to clean brushes though.

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Well there was always, ‘painting by numbers’.

Remember when the teams featured on MotD, Star Soccer etc had their full name (or most of it) displayed on the screen? Manchester Utd v Chelsea is now MAN v CHE. Last weekend BHA played BUR, BHA being Brighton and Hove Albion (or could be the prefix on a flight incoming from Majorca). This weekend LIV played EVE, sounds like a couple of characters on Eastenders. Also, remember when we beat Brighton in the cup to set up an away tie at Old Trafford? Played the replay at The Hawthorns because Fellows Park was waterlogged. Finally beat them at Highfield Road in the fourth replay.

Hopefully they won’t go to just initials. Imagine Colchester United v Northampton Town.



Palace wasn’t it? Lost 2-0. There were three replays with Brighton, one at FP, one at Cov, and finally at Fulham , which we won.

memory “Port Vales” me, yes we lost to Palace in the next round, but first replay was held at the Hawthorns, second at Craven Cottage and we won the 3rd replay at Highfield Road. I remember Colin Taylor scored.


I went to the Hawthorns replay .I don’t remember much about the game except the pitch was muddy!!!