Anything to be excited about?

Evening Walsall fans!

Is their any thing exciting to look forward to with our club in your opinion? Anything to spread a little smile!

My 18 month old son has started to say goal every time he kicks his Walsall ball and I’m super excited to take him to his first game when his older as the club will still be here!


Bless your son but that won’t come in handy at the Bescot. Teach him to put his head in his hands.


Yep, meeting up before the game at the pub, having some food and far too many beers and plenty of laughs, not letting the football we’re actually all there for, ruin the day out is something to look forward to and be excited about for me.


Try and teach him to say “oh no, another pelanty miss.” :laughing:

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Away games.

Regardless of if you drive, get the coach or get the train, turn up three hours before kick off for a booze or arrive just in time for the whistle. It’s brilliant going miles away and seeing so many familiar faces. Most people you don’t actually know and only ever see them on a match day, but give them the obligatory nod as you cross in the concourse at half time, usually two goals down!

There’s something brilliant about being miles away but still having the same routine and familiarity as you would every other week


Definitely away games. You capture my feelings so well.

Make sure he knows the number for Childline.

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