Anything to be positive about?

Anything to be happy about this season so far?
All started so well!

I’ll start - my son looks awesome in his 2 year old walsall kit and we had our first son, brother , father (me) , grandfather photo on the first home game of the season :smiley:


Only positive is me and my son get to spend most home games with my son as he always in his room lol… apart from that nothing on the football front so far

Seeing old friends again. Apart from that NO


We got a point against Scunny, so it could have been worse. :grimacing:
Nice to see the old familiar faces again.
Shrewsbury have made a terrible start.

Like our kit


Well tomorrow it’s almost back to normal, early to the ground and back in the lounge :smiley: a few beers and scratchings with friends and family, a quick wave to Thermos who’s nose will be pressed against the windows and then it will be 3pm :flushed:
It’ll be a good day if I don’t wander back into the lounge ten minutes after half time.

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No, nothing at all. It is all very depressing - again. More false promises. I think if we don’t sign someone and we struggle again many will walk away for good this time. I think it is only the lack of football at the stadium due to Covid and a seemingly different set up that enticed many to part with their money.


No it’s abysmal so far expected better than this tbh.


Not quite, tomorrow is Friday.

Goddamn it! now you’ve gone and spoiled everything :roll_eyes: It must be my age so thanks for the reminder :sunglasses:

Rushworth has been a good signing in my opinion he looks assured between the sticks and will not be loaned out to a team lower than the championship after finishing his spell with us.


Could buy these stickers and wack them round port vale when we play them to cheer ourselves up


My god he’s got badges for absolutely every situation!


Back in the fountain on a Saturday pre match for the first time in a while then back in the saveloy lounge for some dreadful beer and miss both kick offs . Also the sun should be out

Too much information :astonished:


Need to clean my glasses And stop drinking Hazy Jane

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You’ve cleaned your glasses well enough to edit your post anyway. :grin:

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eeeerm :thinking:

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There’s nothing at all to be positive about.

We are 4 games into a relegation season unless significant changes occur.

The chairman is potless, his staff are clueless, we have a very nice young man managing a bunch of bemused kids and disinterested, unfit journeymen.

Entertainment factor on the pitch, just about zero yet talk is from the participants aparently we’ve “played well”, no we havn’t its been utter, unadulterated crap.

The one point we’ve gained from our most likely partners on the journey to the National League was comically snatched from the jaws of victory, as was our first whimpering exit from a cup.

As for individual players. Rushworth did look good, but I would imagine is already on the road to having his confidence destroyed unless he’s made of steel (which he might be). Mayo looks good, but he did also last season and that didn’t stop Grimsby getting relegated. Kinsella - player of the season again at this rate.