Are there any stewards on here?

I mentioned on another thread that I am having some difficulty with my mobility at the moment as I am recovering from a herniated disc. AFKALS Jr and I are coming to the Coventry game and have managed to get some tickets on the front row in the Main Stand (the irony).

Anyway, I also asked if there were any parking arrangements I could take up with my limited range. Unfortunately, as I am not permanently disabled (surely that should be fortunately!) there wasn’t much that could be done - even if I offered to pay (it’s not a bribe!)

Their advice: when I drive up, ask the stewards if they can help!
Can anyone offer any sensible advice please?

Would appear not😉

That’s why I asked on the Tuesday before…

Jet pack into your seat :ok_hand:

Sorry, AFKALS Jr can’t have a piggy back off me.

There is an old steward that has been working there for many years, his name is Dave and I think he is the head steward, the old guy with the grey hair, whenever he has seen me queuing to park he has pointed me through the barrier and let m3 park on the club car park for nothing, I’m sure if you told him your circumstances he would help you out.

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Thanks Chunkster. I’ve not met him, so let’s hope he’s fairly recognisable.
It might be an idea if he knows who I am otherwise loads of people off here will be trying this on! :grinning:

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Try the hotel next door. They might let you park there if you promise to have a pre-match bevy
/ snack with Junior.

Ask the club?

I’m sure if you approach uncle Jeff and inform him of your predicament he will let you use his personal parking space, probably charge a tenner though!!!

Email Stef Gamble. I did a few years back after my heart attack. He helped me out with moving stands for a short period and been allowed to use the lift in later games.

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Thanks Tinned. That is a good idea.
If we perform in the Cup like we did last night, I might be able to have my pick after that!

Don’t know about stewards…there’s a few Bar-stewards on here…:grin:

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That nice Mr Mole has been kind enough to sort this out for me.
I’d like to publicly thank him, as it will make a nice change from social media criticism for him.


I think with most of the staff at Walsall, when they’re allowed to get on with things on their own initiative, they’re generally okay. It’s when Uncle Jeff gets involved that the interest in the “average fan” seems to be lacking somewhat.

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I think we can all agree with that!