Arsenal FA Cup 5th Round 1978 Were you there?


Also former Walsall keeper Mark Wallington


Remember walking down the wednesbury road all the way back to the town centre , 100’s and 100’s singing walking in the road stopping the traffic all the way from the ground .

The good old days

P.S Also remember there was a old Hillman Imp full of Leicester fans with scarfs and everything on stuck in the traffic caused by the mayhem in the road , and then when everyone noticed them there were blokes jumping on the bonnet , and on the roof then they started kicking the lights in , and then the doors the whole bodywork , and when it got to traffic lights half way down wednesbury road it looked like it had been in the destruction derby at Hednesford raceway. Couldn’t help feeling sorry for them


Was it the Leicester match, where
a speccy tackled Miah near the touchline?


Thank you for posting these great photographs, Sandysaddler, a number of which I’ve never seen before. As a 12 year old, I was standing at the wall with my dad near the halfway line in the cowshed that day but can’t make us out - we must be there somewhere! My dad died just a few years later so its very poignant to look at these pictures and think we were there together. Although I no longer live in Walsall both the town and football club will forever be a central part of my identity. My family still live locally and we still watch the Saddlers when we can but those mid to late 70’s cup runs were fantastic.

Come on me babbies!


Full picture if that helps


Nice one Sandy. Good to see these pics. I was there and albeit a youngster, remember the excitement of this game and another “giant killing” chalked off.


Yes it was. I’d forgotten about that.

@Shrewsbury-Saddler - I also remember a Leicester fan ringing in to Radio Birmingham before the game, bigging it up and saying Keith Weller was the best striker on the planet etc.
I was in line with Alun Evans, in the Street End, when he hit the volley. Couldn’t see it hit the net, but there wasn’t much problem working out it was a goal. Glorious mayhem.



Thanks again, Sandy. I’ll get my monocle out and have a good look!

Top man for posting this again.


Not sure but here he is scoring number 4 in a five - one win against sheff Wednesday I think in the same season.


I think there were 2500 Wendies. At least for most of the match. I think it peed down all day too.


They had the Cowshed. Might have been the season before the cup run. I remember Brian Caswell had to walk through them to get in the ground. They must have said something,because when he scored,he ran right over to the Cowshed with his fist in the air.


Correct, @kevlar

There you go…


Action from Round 3 of that cup run… Alan Buckley’s fine downward header - the first of his hat trick - sets us on our way in a 4-1 win v.Swansea….


Cheers Sadlad ( I think ).

I can remember what happened 40 years ago , but not 40 pints ago.


to soft yo am :smile: I was at that game, in the street end on the corner, and when i saw the ball hit the back of the net from evans i can still remember how i felt :wink:


The Sheff Wednesday game was 76/77 I think… still white shirts. The red tops came in for 77/78.


Great pictures and great memories. I was at all those games. Thanks for the pictures.


I was there with my brother having caught the train from Barnsley. Got in a slight altercation when some twaddle brain decided to try and walk through me at the end of the match. Back in time to watch the highlights plus while on the return train there were 3 men with bandages and splints on. On the news that night there was film of these same 3 men arriving at an airport, they were mercenaries returning from some war. Strange what you remember.


Was there in 78 and for our win in the 80s. Remember the Spurs fans, swopped a metal badge with one of them still have it today.Was a bit tasty going back to our bus got jumped by a few cockneys.