Ash Taylor

Not sure if anyone has seen Ash Taylor arguing with Walsall fans on Millers Instagram because he clearly doesn’t like us and seems to like going after some kids appearances

Pathetic idiot

He needs a slap the big dick head

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Big useless dick head Mazz get it right mate

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He wasn’t very good for us and is showing exactly how unprofessional he actually is.He’s an embarrassment to the game and to his family and friends.

Gotta loff.

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To be fair he was one of the names we signed last season. One I had heard, decent clubs at this level and he was utter garbage. Attitude stunk as well, couldnt take criticism.

Proof that signing decent names doesnt guarantee success.


Is he the most pathetic player we have ever signed like seriously?
He make leahy cook etc look like royalty.
Awful player , awful person good riddance to bad rubbish.
Also shows our awful recruitment with singing good characters, he is a stain on your reputation mr Fullerton


How catastrophically bad was the appointment of Fullerton by the way?? Absolutely staggering that we employed that man.


Shows how bad Fullerton was when Flynn is replacing the vast majority of the players he bought in and feels the need to bring in his own experienced leaders in the dresssing room

Think the trolling tweet just before he left told us all we needed to know about how much of a twonk he is.


Didn’t he say Rushworth had gone but hadn’t? I seem to remember something with the keeper at the time.

He’s just proved what an arsehole he is !

Meh - our fans giving it but can’t take it. Both idiots.


That fella seriously needs to grow up

Loving his wikipedia… I can’t take the credit but have a look ha ha

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Ha ha, very good! Just the truth though, so I wonder how long it will take to get noticed and edited out?!!


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Who cares the carthorse was here for 6 months and was shite just ignore him.


All the more reason…